Popular heel shapes in 2021

Those who like to look at everyone “from above” can be calm, because in 2021 shoes with heels are still fashionable. The trend for a flat sole has not completely replaced the heel from the fashion collections, because such shoes are considered the standard of femininity. Now we will figure out together with you what heels will be in fashion in the new season.

What heels will be in fashion in 2021

Shoes, sandals, boots, boots or any other footwear in the presence of a heel takes on a completely new look. But in order to look stylish in the new year, you need to be able to choose the most fashionable among the many options for shoes. Your choice should be stopped on one of the three currents that are priority. These are thick, thin and informal heels.

Stiletto heels have not lost their popularity for many years. Although walking in such shoes is not given to everyone, it looks very impressive on the legs. Designers recommend opting for such a hairpin:

  • The thinnest. It does not differ in stability, but at the same time it is one of the most spectacular. In new collections, you can see such a hairpin in gold or silver, decorated with various rhinestones and patterns.

  • glass. This heel is thin and has a cylindrical shape, slightly reminiscent of a shot glass. This type of heel is not new for women, but is one of the most popular. It goes well with pointed toe shoes, which are among the most trendy in 2021.

  • L-shaped. This type of heel starts from the heel and connects to the platform with a bridge that looks like the letter “G”. Shoes with such a heel look very advantageous in a business style with suits and dresses.

The stiletto heel looks great on sandals, shoes and boots, and complements any look, making it more daring. What can we say about the fact that the legs are in the spotlight and look even longer.

Fashionable in 2021 and thick heels that enhance the look of both shoes and any other shoes. Girls appreciate such heels for practicality, stability and attractiveness. Among them, the most popular options covered with fabric (velor, suede) are:

  • in the form of a cylinder. Very stable model with an attractive rounded shape. Perfect for any evening look.

  • in the form of a cone. If such a heel is small and paired with a pointed toe, then an A-line skirt or a light dress is perfect for it.

  • Square. The most stable of all thick heels, it looks rough, but it is very much loved by many girls. He deserved his love for the incredibly stylish appearance and versatility.

True professionals in the fashion world seem to emphasize the appropriateness of a massive heel this season. Square, arched, rounded or cut – the search for the most successful options was definitely crowned with success.

Informal heels for bold girls

If the above forms of heels are more suitable for practical girls, then I would like to devote this information to those beauties who love experiments. Informal heels look defiant and attract a lot of attention, so in the new season there will be plenty to choose from:

  • Beveled heel. Such a heel should be thick and beveled diagonally. Originality and fantasy will help to fit shoes with such a heel into your most unusual looks.

  • Transparent heel. This model is part of the trend for transparent shoes. Also here can be attributed the option in which there are slots in the sole, and you can see through them.

  • In the form of a drop. A heel that leaves drop marks is great for pointed-toe shoes. In 2021, in the collections of designers, you can see such a fashionable heel on suede and patent leather boots.

And this is not all the results of the wide imagination of designers. Looking at the photo of the legs walking along the catwalks, you can see a trapezoid heel, a flared heel, a spherical heel and other rather bizarre options for heels.

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Heel decor popular in 2021

An important role is played not only by the shape and model of the heel itself, but also by its decor. This year, special attention is paid to decor, turning an ordinary heel into a real work of art. Designers actively use stone and rhinestone trim, metal inlay. Such shoe models can now be worn not only for evening receptions, but even as a daily option. The technique, which now combines genuine leather shoes and bright heel decor, has successfully spread among fashionistas.

The most relevant materials for heels today are suede, leather and textiles in combination with other materials (metal, plastic). Such a huge variety of brand new models of shoes with practical or intricate heels encourage girls to buy several pairs at once for different situations. Do not resist your desires and give yourself such a gift, because there are never too many shoes.

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Pay attention to the photo depicting shoes with the most fashionable heels in 2021. They will help you understand how the shoes that are most appropriate this season should look like. Any shoes that have a heel just makes a woman a real woman. Fortunately, the choice is very large, and somewhere on the store shelf your perfect shoes are waiting for you.

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