Popular t-shirt prints 2019

We know everything about fashionable prints on t-shirts of the 2019 season and we are not going to hide it from our beloved readers!


Designers in the 2019 season decided to discard modesty and decorate clothes of their own production with the proud symbolism of the logo. More recently, the brand for show was considered bad form, but today the rules of the game have changed radically and now it is stylish to wear clothes with a large brand name.

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Such t-shirts are usually presented in a minimalist style, which means they can easily fit into any everyday look. Therefore, you can not doubt not only the relevance of such a purchase, but also its practicality.


T-shirts with cool slogans look no less expressive than models with logos. The fashion of the 2019 season highlights several popular solutions.

  • On stylish clothes, individual words can flaunt, which can become a stylish way of expressing yourself. For example, you can choose a trendy T-shirt with a large “LOVE” inscription and tell the world about your romantic mood.
  • You can leave your message to others with the help of a slogan. Designers clearly liked decorating T-shirts with short catchy phrases – such models were presented in almost every collection.

  • To get into trends, but not shout slogans to the whole world, the actual print in small print will help. Typically, a text block is enclosed in a strict geometric shape or is an original part of a print.

  • Any word or inscription in the 2019 season can be decorated with a fringe – most designers agreed on this unusual decision.

T-shirts with slogans can fit into the style of casual, sports, street style or hip-hop. A stylish idea would also be to combine them with feminine items – dresses, skirts and elegant trouser suits.

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One of the most fashionable formulas of the season is inscriptions in tandem with transparent things. The latter can be expressed in PVC film, lace, mesh, chiffon or organza. Any such fashionable experiment will be a 100% hit on the bull’s-eye.

T-shirt for all occasions

It is this proud title worn by a white T-shirt with an inscription. Perhaps this is the most fashionable and versatile model of this season. It perfectly combines the neutrality of style and compliance with fashion trends. A white t-shirt with a slogan can demonstrate the wonders of compatibility in any look. She, like a chameleon, knows how to adapt to jeans, elegant suits, any trousers and skirts.


With the current oversized cut, portrait prints look very organic. They can be embodied in black and white photographic images, in the style of realism or in abstraction.

Tie Dye

The Tie Dye print with colored watercolor streaks has made a serious statement. From the name it is clear that unusual patterns are created by tying the fabric and painting it in different colors.

You can choose this print in both bright contrasting and delicate pastel colors.

Pop Art

Self-sufficient and stylish pop-art print is recognizable by any fashionista by characteristic printed inscriptions, logos, photographs and elements, as if cut out of a newspaper. Also, fashion trends highlight comics, funny drawings, celebrity portraits, color blocking, candies and cans in a pop art t-shirt design.

This trend was invented for brave girls who want to emphasize their unique style, individuality and, of course, knowledge of fashion novelties.


Floral print can hardly be called a novelty, but still fashionistas are endlessly happy with its presence among fashion trends. It is T-shirts with floral prints that can create a feminine, romantic and gentle mood in the image. They can also be responsible for the spectacular contrast with rough and daring things. In a word, any ideas on the topic of their combination are welcome!

Designers have presented many options for floral colors. Many fashionistas liked the delicate pastel plants in watercolor technique on a muted background. There were also fans of bright large colors, contrasting ornaments and prints with voluminous embroidered details. There were so many ideas that it is simply impossible to single out the best!

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A trendy polka dot print will help you to be feminine, romantic and elegant in summer. Its placement on a T-shirt is not as common as on a dress or blouse, which means it can make you stand out from the crowd.

fashion peas

The top has polka dots of all stripes: small, large, colored or in nude tones. But still the most popular is the classic black and white print.

Animal prints

Any stylish bow can also be complemented with an animal print T-shirt – snake, tiger, leopard and even cow. Fashionistas now have the opportunity to wear not only things with animalistic inserts, but also with original images of animals in various styles. The ideas of leading designers look stylish and extraordinary, but at the same time they are easily combined with any complementary things.

If you’re the lucky owner of a leopard print tee (which has been at the peak of popularity for several seasons!), then you’ll want to try some trendy combinations. Stylists suggest that such a top successfully coexists with brown, red, chocolate or beige things. The idea for bold fashionistas is a tandem of leopard and bold skin. A more sophisticated and feminine combination will turn out paired with white things.


Look at the photo, how different fashionable striped prints on t-shirts can be in the 2019 season. The designers decided to mix colors, play with the sizes and directions of the stripes, creating original colors. A great choice for the summer is a T-shirt in a bright multi-colored stripe.

[stextbox id=’info’]Note! It is worth remembering that the horizontal strip has the insidious property of visually adding volume. This is especially true of the contrasting black and white colors.[/stextbox]

A few more take on a trendy t-shirt

Guessing with the current print is only half the battle. A truly trendy thing is distinguished by a few more fashionable signs.

  • Croy oversize has long won its audience without loss or defeat. Fitted and tight models immediately faded into the background and are now included in the list of “anti-trends”. An oversized T-shirt is not difficult to recognize – it will have wide sleeves, a low waist and a loose fit.

  • When buying fashionable things, we advise you not to settle for half measures, but to choose really high-quality and stylish models. Even the most stylish image can be spoiled in an instant by a translucent t-shirt made of cheap material. Therefore, do not allow a fashionable failure, purchase things from a dense, wrinkle-resistant texture. Moreover, it does not have to be expensive.

  • If you are for stylish experiments, bet on a fashionable T-shirt with an asymmetric cut. Just give her the main…

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