Popular Women’s Perfume 2021

If you decide to get yourself a new fragrance, we suggest that you first study the list of the most popular women’s perfumes in 2021, given in our article.

The best of the best

Guided by the reviews of fashion stylists, perfumers and bloggers, we have compiled a rating of the most relevant fragrances for today.

  • “Eclat d’Arpege” Lanvin. Not the most expensive, but at the same time a very wearable perfume, which has not lost its leading position since its appearance on the market. And all thanks to the unique composition, which is based on floral and citrus notes. Another advantage of Lanvin’s “Eclat d’Arpege” is its versatility, as it suits both young beauties and older women.

  • L’Imperatrice 3 by Dolce&Gabbana. Light watery aroma with refreshing floral notes will take you to the Cote d’Azur and give you a charge of good mood. In it you will hear the sweet smell of watermelon, the sourness of lemon and the fragrance of jasmine.

  • “Good Girl” Carolina Herrera. An elegant and expensive fragrance with spicy oriental notes, packaged in an original bottle in the form of a stiletto heel, already indicates that it is intended for seduction. Inhaling it, your receptors will catch the scent of jasmine, lemon and tart black coffee. And then, as soon as the perfume opens, you will be enveloped in a trail consisting of the smells of amber, cocoa, tonka beans, vanilla, sandalwood and cinnamon.

  • “Coco Mademoiselle L’Eau Privee” Chanel. If we talk about novelties in the segment of women’s luxury perfumery, in 2021 the perfume “Coco Mademoiselle L’Eau Privée” from the French house Chanel will be fashionable. This is a rather delicate composition in which sweet fruity and spicy oriental aromas are skillfully intertwined.

Interesting! Olivier Polge, the perfumer who developed Coco Mademoiselle L’Eau Privée, believes that this perfume is the best way to convey the aroma of the night.

  • “Her Golden Secret” Antonio Banderas. The citrus-fruity composition, in which there is a barely perceptible note of sweet vanilla, will win you over from the first breath. And not only you, but also those around you. However, this perfume is not for everyone. It is specially designed for successful 30-year-old women who know their own worth.

But what about network companies?

Despite the fact that many cosmetics chain stores are skeptical, some of their products, including perfumes, are worthy of attention. We will prove this to you using the example of a list of perfumes that can compete even with expensive luxury perfumes.

  • “Miss Giordani Intense” Oriflame. A fresh, fruity fragrance with spicy notes of musk and sweet vanilla that stirs the senses and makes everything inside tremble. With him, every day will be a real holiday for you.

  • “Kaori” Faberlic. A girly fragrance that perfectly emphasizes your charm and femininity. It is characterized by a very gentle, moderately sweet smell, consisting of notes of bergamot, currant, grapefruit, iris, raspberry and tea rose. Once you try “Kaori” from Faberlic, you are unlikely to refuse it.

Interesting! Persistence of perfumes depends not only on their concentration, but also on the condition of your skin. It must be hydrated.

  • “Pur Blanca” Avon. The legendary women’s perfume from Avon will also be relevant in 2021. All thanks to the unique floral aroma, which combines notes of freesia, ylang-ylang, mint, sandalwood and peony. With it you will feel like a real aristocrat.

  • “Love Fearlessly” Mary Kay. Floral perfume, in which spicy woody notes are clearly visible, beckons and fascinates. And all because perfumers were able to combine cardamom, plum, patchouli, sandalwood and pink peony in one composition.

  • “Comme Une Evidence” by Yves Rocher. One of the most recognizable perfumes of this brand. Such popularity “Comme Une Evidence” received due to its light floral composition, which also contains chypre and herbal notes. In addition, it is quite resistant and stays on clothes for several days.

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Perfume Tips

We bring to your attention a few proven recommendations with which you can easily choose your scent.

  • Going in search of a new perfume, do not use existing perfumes. The aroma should be chosen only for a “fresh nose”.
  • Do not put off buying perfume for the evening. This is best done in the morning, as at this time the charm perceives smells best.
  • Be prepared for the fact that you will not be able to try more than 4-5 flavors. Therefore, think over in advance the smells that you like the most, so that when you come to the store you can inform the consultant about your preferences.
  • When choosing perfumes, special attention should be paid to the amount of flavored concentrate dissolved in alcohol. The higher its percentage, the higher the quality and durability of the perfume..
  • You should not buy exclusively the luxury segment. Browse also perfumes from the mass market, which are practically in no way inferior in quality to more expensive products.

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We hope that the list of the most popular women’s perfumes in 2021 provided in the article will help you choose the best fragrance for you.

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