Premature gray hair and how to deal with it

Premature gray hair is a problem for many women who do not want to look older than their age.

One of the reasons for the appearance of early gray hair is a genetic predisposition. Very often, early gray hair is caused by low melanin content, the more it is, the darker your hair, the less, the lighter it is. As a rule, over the years, the level of melanin decreases and the appearance of gray hair begins, but today more and more people complain about premature gray hair.

Premature gray hair can appear at the age of 20-30 years, in some cases, gray hair can begin to appear at 15 years of age. If your parents had the problem of early gray hair, most likely you will also have to deal with it, and the first signs will appear for you at about the same age at which they appeared in your parents.

The second reason is very strong stress or prolonged depression and regular nervous breakdowns. A person who has experienced a sharp horror will almost certainly immediately have gray hair.

Also, the causes of early gray hair include thyroid disease, smoking, chronic colds and viral diseases, lack of vitamin B12.

Despite the fact that in most cases, premature gray hair is a genetic predisposition, its appearance can still be delayed. Of course, the best prevention is a healthy lifestyle, quitting smoking, playing sports and taking various vitamins and minerals.

Your menu should consist of healthy foods that contain substances such as iron, copper, iodine, vitamin B. You shouldn’t injure your hair either, you should use curling irons, various varnishes and hair dyes much less often, and in the cold season use head headwear. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and proper hair care will significantly delay the appearance of premature gray hair, even with a genetic predisposition.

If gray hair has already appeared, then eating curry leaves will help you in the fight against it. Curry has a positive effect on the hair roots, restoring their vitality. You can also make a hair tonic from the leaves of this plant by brewing them in coconut oil. It is also worth adding yogurt and other fermented milk products to your diet, they contribute to the growth of bacteria in the intestines that reproduce vitamin B.

However, the best way to deal with gray hair that has already appeared is, of course, coloring. When choosing a paint, you need to consult the seller how well it colors gray hair. Painting is best done in a specialized salon to avoid uneven staining.

Remember that with a healthy lifestyle, you can delay the appearance of premature gray hair.

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