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No woman can pass indifferently past Gilda Tonelli handbags. They fascinate with their daring shapes, stylish colors, rich decor, and in use they are incomparable Italian quality.

In 1921, the Italian Francisco Tonelli founded a small workshop for sewing bags, which he named after his mother, Gilda Tonelli. Francisco tried his best to ensure that the leather bags made in his workshop were exclusive pieces of the highest quality, so that the production flourished, and his mother was proud of her son’s success.

Over the years, this business has become a family business, and the descendants of Francisco Tonelli inherited from him a sense of purpose and the ability to anticipate the preferences and desires of customers. Currently, the Gilda Tonelli brand is very popular in all countries of the world (Russia is no exception).

Currently, Gilda Tonelli bags – leather products with an elegant cut with ultra-modern nuances, are presented in a wide range. But, if initially in the workshop of Francisco Tonelli only bags were sewn, then in the modern production of the company Gilda Tonelli they are one of the directions. Briefcases, purses, diplomats, clutches, wallets, cases, key holders, business card holders, etc. have joined leather bags of various styles and purposes. In recent years, a separate line of production has emerged – the manufacture of original leather shoes for women from Gilda Tonelli.

The fundamental principle of Gilda Tonelli is to apply innovative technologies and marketing research, laboratory control and development to improve the quality of its products in its production. The production is based on the traditional method of selecting raw materials (only good quality), mechanized technology and the use of manual work. The design and decoration elements of Gilda Tonelli bags and other leather goods of this brand are constantly updated, embodying interesting innovative ideas. Tailoring of fashionable leather bags and accessories of this brand is made in Italy and invariably by Italian craftsmen.

On the website of the online store, you can have a good look at all the presented models and choose a handbag or other accessory that suits your character and temperament. To buy a bag in the online store, just go to, select the option you like and fill in the required fields to receive the purchase.

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