Protection and restoration of eyelashes

Beautiful eyelashes are every girl’s dream. But how to protect eyelashes from the effects of negative factors? How to restore damaged eyelashes?

Eyelash nutrition.

For a good nourishment of eyelashes, night balm is most often used. It is especially useful during extensions, since eyelashes are subjected to additional stress during such a procedure, and therefore they can weaken and fall out. And so they need special care. The most common helpers are gels, fortified balms and non-greasy creams.

Often they can be produced in the form of therapeutic mascara, which has a transparent texture and a brush for easy application. They need to be used for two to three weeks, and they are usually applied at night.

A good therapeutic effect is achieved when using the balm “Satura”. It is good because its composition is natural and does not have harmful impurities: vitamins, essential oils, oil extracts of medicinal plants, glycerin, trace elements of seaweed. To obtain the desired effect, it is enough to apply the balm once a day to the tips of the eyelashes. Within a month, you will notice that the eyelashes have become thicker and stronger.

And for the “reanimation” of the cilia, the cosmetic oil of the company “Elfarma” is suitable. It contains burdock and castor oils, milk thistle and nettle extracts, hyaluronic acid, vitamins PP, A, E.

RevitaLash from Athena Cosmetics will help to quickly restore weakened eyelashes. Another quite effective effect is provided by the oil emulsion from “Marianna” – “Riciniol Clear View”. It is able to quickly strengthen eyelashes, make them brighter, thicker and is suitable for facial skin care around the eyes. Apply the product gently with fingertips in the direction of eyelash growth, this will further enhance the effect of the active components of the emulsion.

Eyelash protection.

You can improve the condition of eyelashes with mascara with vitamins. This is a useful and error-free option. Usually it contains vitamins: C, E, A and B, as well as natural oils – jojoba or castor. And as you know, everything natural gives a good positive effect and, of course, benefits. Ingredients such as panthenol, silk proteins, biotin, keratin, melanin are also good.

It is these substances that are able to protect eyelashes from various external influences, while at the same time strengthening them. Such protection will be useful especially in cold and hot seasons, when eyelashes are especially susceptible to negative external influences.

For example, Lambre mascara contains vitamin E and castor oil. Such components can perfectly protect and improve the growth of eyelashes. This will be especially useful for weakened eyelashes with little growth.

Another good option is mascara, which includes sea buckthorn and almond oils and D-panthenol, from the Green Mama brand. It has a “healing” composition, so it not only colors, but also strengthens eyelashes well. For example, for pregnant and lactating mothers, this is an ideal option for beauty and benefit. Of course, such a useful mascara is also suitable for ordinary women, and will become an integral part of any cosmetic bag.

Recovery for damaged eyelashes.

How to restore eyelashes? To do this, there are a lot of various cosmetic products. But just as popular and effective, there can be not only professional products, but also home cosmetics.

The most famous folk remedy for restoring eyelashes is castor oil. According to its properties, it is able to normalize the growth of eyelashes, while at the same time strengthening them. It is usually applied at night, with light movements from the base towards the tips of the eyelashes.

You need to apply oil at night, from the base of the eyelashes to the tips. It is best to make such an oil mask for eyelashes on the weekend, and in two weeks they will become strong and fluffy.

To restore eyelashes, they can be lubricated or “combed” with the addition of oils: sea buckthorn, burdock, peach, linseed. You can also use oils with vitamins E and A.

Instead of oils, you can use homemade mixtures.

For example, take in the same proportions of finely chopped parsley and vegetable oil, approximately one teaspoon each. It will be necessary to mix all the components and very carefully apply this mixture on the eyelids. This mask is usually done twice a week for one month. This will make the lashes much longer and stronger.

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