Prunes for weight loss: recipes for a slim figure

Many overweight women dream of losing weight. Strict diets that help to quickly lose extra pounds can not be afforded by all ladies due to weakness of character or for health reasons. In addition, after the end of the diet, the weight tends to return, taking a couple more kilograms. Why is this happening?

The human body always strives for balance and constancy. By sharply reducing the amount of food consumed, we create a stressful situation for the body, after which the body seeks not only to compensate for the lost fat deposits, but also to make a small reserve. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the calorie content of the daily diet gradually, avoiding hunger. Among the reasons contributing to the set of kilograms, it should be noted a decrease in metabolism or metabolism.

A wonderful tool that helps to restore harmony to the figure is prunes. Dried plum fruits, with a sweet and sour taste and rich black color, are rich in vitamins and contain a large amount of minerals.

Give yourself a little joy – lose weight with delicious prunes.

How to avoid feeling hungry?

All people who have begun to lose weight change their diet and refuse high-calorie fatty and starchy foods, replacing them with vegetables, lean meat, poultry and fish. Here there is a danger of breaking loose and eating something familiar and tasty in order to satisfy the emerging feeling of hunger. Dried plum will help to avoid unnecessary temptations.

According to Greek scientists, this fruit reduces appetite, which is facilitated by its high fiber content, in one hundred grams of the product a little more than 7 grams, which is 30% of the daily requirement. Increased in volume with a sufficient amount of water, fiber fills the stomach and causes a feeling of satiety. For lovers of sweets, prunes will also turn out to be a lifesaver.

It cannot be said that fruits are low-calorie, 240 calories per hundred grams of product is quite a lot, but much less than in pastries, chocolate or cakes. Another plus of prunes is that it is an antidepressant. With a bad mood and irritability, you can eat 3-5 sweet and tasty fruits. After applying some diets, the body needs organic acids, phosphorus, sodium, iron, calcium and vitamins. Eating several fruits of prunes makes up for this deficiency.


Prunes are a means of improving metabolism.

To improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, first of all, it is necessary to cleanse the intestines. The content of sorbitol and diphenylisatin in prunes, substances that act as a laxative, will help in removing toxins from the body. A natural product is always better than artificial preparations. It is recommended for these purposes to consume 5-6 fruits daily.

There is an express method of cleaning the body. For three days, eat only five fruits every three hours with water. Such a diet will allow you to lose from 2 to 4 kilograms. You can use infusion. Dried fruits are poured with boiling water and infused for 10 hours. Take before bedtime, the dose is 1/3 cup. This course of cleansing lasts about a month.

The high content of potassium in prunes (730 mg per 100 grams) helps to restore the water-salt balance, which has a beneficial effect on the heart muscle and normalizes blood pressure. A slight diuretic effect, after eating prunes, is also due to the high content of potassium in the fruits. The glycemic index (an indicator that determines the level of sugar in the blood after eating a certain food) in prunes is quite low compared to sugar. 29 and 70 respectively.

For those who want to lose weight, it is important to keep the metabolism at a constant level, this does not lead to weight gain, but is achieved due to the stability of the sugar level. It should be noted that people with diabetes are often not recommended to eat prunes.

Tips for cleansing the body.

With the help of fruits, it is good to unload for the body. Eat one hundred grams of steamed dried fruits every 3-4 hours during the day. You can mix kefir with prunes in any proportion that suits you. Such a cocktail is suitable for a fasting day or replace dinner. Unloading days can be arranged only for those who have no health contraindications.


Prune juice is not advisable to use for weight loss. Firstly, the juice is not prepared from fresh fruits and is very high in calories. One glass of juice has 180 calories, while any other fruit juice has a maximum of 110. Secondly, a small amount of sorbitol contained in prunes is useful, there is too much of it in a glass of juice, which can lead to diarrhea. Drinking juice for several days puts additional stress on the kidneys and liver. Weight will decrease due to dehydration of the body, and body fat will remain in place.

Body cleansing recipes:

  1. Grind prunes (400-500 grams) and hay sheets (50 grams). Add 200 grams of honey, mix thoroughly. Take 1 teaspoon after meals in the evening. Be sure to drink water.
  2. Mix 400 grams of prunes and dried apricots, a pack of Alexandrian leaves with 200 grams of honey. Grind dry fruits. Mix. Take 1 teaspoon in the evening.

Some tips and delicious recipes.

It is good to add a few pieces of prunes to porridge, oatmeal or wheat, this will replace sugar and butter. Pancake lovers can make them from whole grains and enhance the flavor with a few berries. Housewives using a bread machine can bake rye flour bread with dried apricots, nuts and prunes. Delicious salad of prunes, spinach and black beans.

A few more recipes:

  • Salad with squid and prunes. Cut 200 grams of boiled squid, 3-4 prunes, 1 sweet pepper, add 100 grams of low-fat cheese or cottage cheese. Fill 2 tbsp. spoons of sour cream and mix. Add salt to taste.
  • Boiled beef (300 grams), 1 beet, onion and prunes cut into cubes, add about 40 grams of crushed walnuts. Pepper, salt. To mix everything. Fill with sour cream.

Do not use mayonnaise for salads.

For hot dishes, turkey and chicken meat stuffed with apples and prunes is suitable. Garnishes from cereals and potatoes must be replaced with vegetables.


Sample menu for the day.

  • Breakfast. A piece of cheese (low-fat), 2 pieces of prunes, green tea or coffee without sugar. Instead of cheese, you can eat oatmeal on the water with prunes.
  • Dinner. Vegetable soup or lean borsch, a slice of black bread, boiled beef or fish (100 – 150 grams), 3 prunes and two walnuts.
  • Dinner….

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