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Psychedelic flora: what floral print is relevant in the summer of 2020

The creative power of nature with all its expression is manifested in the collections of fashion designers this spring-summer season. Chamomile fields and a riot of dandelions on the hems of dresses, a scattering of rosebuds on two-piece suits, entire gardens of flowers from modest field to exotic blossomed at fashion shows and became the trend of summer 2020. With all the variety of colorful colors and flashy psychedelic prints, how not to look vulgar? Their correct combination and the advice of fashion stylists will help to understand this issue.

floral print

Floral pattern – July field

The pattern, from which the sun and summer warmth breathes, is the motif of the FENDI, MICHAEL KORS, Tory Burch collections. Cornflowers, daisies, buttercups – such a print of small individual flowers or inflorescences is successfully located on trouser suits, free-cut and midaxi dresses, light trench coats, skirts and sundresses.

floral motifs

Stylists recommend diluting the variegation of the fabric by adding another print to the image. It can be stripes, a cage and even peas. It is recommended to give up the fear of combining the incongruous by complementing the dress with a floral pattern with a patterned cardigan and shoes with a contrasting print.

flowers and geometry

Rose buds, contrasting combinations of shades, floral patterns arranged symmetrically are a favorite technique of designers this season. These are bright large blue flowers on a milky or beige background (Emilia Wickstead), delicate roses of all shades of red and pink on enchanting purple and dull black (Paco Rabanne). The theme of watercolor painting gives a sophisticated femininity to outfits – flowing light floor-length dresses and elegant evening dresses.

imitation of watercolor painting

Dresses like paintings by artists

Floral ornament in the style of expressionism, surrealism and abstraction are the main motifs in the collections of Carolina Herrera and Louis Vuitton.

floral ornament

Contrasting and bright colors, psychedelic prints, as if applied to the fabric with an artist’s brush. The idea for the summer of 2020 from stylists is to wear a light trench coat with a surreal floral pattern as a dress, putting it on a naked body and girdling it with a rope belt.

psychedelic prints

When choosing a fabric, it is recommended to give preference to silk, viscose. Cotton will also be relevant for the summer season. A flying silhouette, lightness and femininity in the image are present in the romantic midi with frills, and in shirt-cut dresses.

feminine prints

There is also a way to beat the floral print in a restrained way for those who like to dress more conservatively – a skirt and top with the same pattern, or trousers or a skirt with a short jacket. A classic pantsuit with a floral pattern is also a fashionable and elegant solution.

The spring-summer 2020 fashion trends dictate throwing away modesty and monochromatic consistency in clothes and, no doubt, will allow everyone to bloom!

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