Psychological Diet: Weight Loss Technique

From birth, when a baby cries, they give him a breast to calm him down. That is, from the first minutes of life, a person associates food with calmness. With those moments of life when my mother was nearby, it was warm, good, safe. The feeling of security and peace while eating food remains with a person for life, although it is not conscious. Naturally, an adult is not able to extract these memories from his memory. But this does not mean at all that they do not exist or that they do not affect the individual.

Often this need to be loved and protected is manifested in the fact that a person in a stressful situation begins to eat much more food. And, of course, the body remembers on a subconscious level that food is directly related to a sense of comfort and security. Therefore, starting any diet should take into account the psychological aspects of human life.

Is it possible to lose weight using only psychological methods? The answer to this question is ambiguous. If the causes of excess weight are caused by stress, self-doubt, anxiety or neurosis, then after eliminating these factors, excess weight will go away on its own. However, it happens that the source of weight problems is in some kind of health disorder, then psychological methods for weight loss will be ineffective.

So, let’s say everything turned out to be in order with health and there are no diseases that are a serious obstacle to weight loss. That is, roughly speaking, the person of the problem gets stuck. What to do in such a situation and what psychological techniques can be used.

Reception first.

Introduce into your life the rule before each meal to lie down on the sofa and lie down for 5 minutes. Lie on your back, legs straight, arms along the body. Should be as comfortable as possible. At this time, you need to relax as much as possible. You can listen to very calm music. Or focus on your body and its relaxation. If you have meditation skills, you can meditate for a while before eating. You can pray. The purpose of all these methods is to calm down. In a calm state, a person eats much less food.


Second reception.

Go to sleep. Usually, in the evening, the feeling of hunger begins to overcome and you want to raid the refrigerator, you need to go to bed. It’s worth getting into the habit of it. And also observe the regime of the day. Since long night gatherings usually end with a strong feeling of hunger and an uncontrollable desire to empty the refrigerator. If you suffer from a very strong feeling of hunger that it is impossible to fall asleep, you can drink something warm, for example, a glass of milk. This will reduce the feeling of hunger.

These two recommendations are quite simple. When used regularly, they can help reduce the amount of food you eat. However, the problem of overeating needs to be addressed at deeper psychological levels. Let’s analyze a few more tricks that need to be applied in order for the appetite to become controlled and excess weight gone.

Reception third.

Eliminate situations of constant stress. These can be situations in the family, at work, situations of a domestic nature. There is no single template for dealing with these situations. Each case will have its own solution methods. First, you can try to change the situation itself, but this is not always realistic and can often lead to even more stress. However, in some situations, after the stress of change, harmony comes. For example, if the work is boring and does not bring any joy. When changing jobs, stress can arise due to lack of money, because of the fear of not finding a new and interesting job, but after a more suitable job is found, the stress from this situation passes. The second way is to change your attitude to the situation. For example, if there is a terminally ill relative in the family who requires standing care. In this case, the situation, as a rule, cannot be changed. But you can always change your attitude towards her.


Reception fourth.

Interesting activities. Any person remembers how, as a child, he did not want to go to dinner, even if his mother called for the tenth time to eat. At that moment, when a person is completely seized by interest in any occupation, thoughts about food go by the wayside. The presence of hobbies, hobbies, reading interesting books, watching TV shows and movies can significantly reduce the feeling of hunger.

Reception fifth.

Harmonious social circle. It happens that at work it is customary to somehow celebrate Fridays or eat pizza for lunch, perhaps there are some other traditions regarding eating food. Sometimes tea parties with sweets are accepted in hobby groups. In such a situation, if it is really better to build your communication in a team in such a way as to avoid unnecessary tricks, perhaps do not wash off the healthy food. It makes sense to reconsider your communication, so as not to get to the celebrations and tea parties regularly.

Reception sixth.

Proper communication with friends. Gatherings with friends over a glass of beer and a good snack or barbecue in nature are also enemies of a slender figure. Friends are wonderful, but sometimes they are big provocateurs. What to do?


You can communicate more with those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle and will not go once again to eat an extra cake in a cafe. You can take the initiative in your own hands and offer such a pastime that it would be difficult to eat too much. For example, go to an exhibition, take a walk in the park, watch a movie, play sports games. That is, organize leisure so that food appears in it as little as possible. If one of the friends is adamant in this regard and wants to spend their free time only eating cakes, then it may be worth avoiding frequent communication with such friends.

Reception seventh.

Harmony in the family. The stress caused by the fact that family relationships are not going well is one of the most severe stresses in a person’s life. They should be cleaned up first. Remove by reviewing your relationship with your spouse and children, without trying to change them. Since attempts to change another person in the vast majority of cases end in failure and even more stress. Here you can turn to a psychologist or a priest with a request to help improve relations in the family.

Reception eighth.

Having calming practices in life. It can be yoga, prayer, meditation, any spiritual practice. Any practice that calms and harmonizes the mind is also suitable.


In order to have a harmonious weight, you need to build your life harmoniously. Then unnecessary kilograms will go away by themselves. Extra centimeters and kilograms most often indicate that a person does not live in harmony with himself, the people around him, events, and the world. By changing your attitude towards this world, yourself and people, building …

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