Puffy Shirt Jackets: Stylish Looks for Spring 2021

One of the fashion trends last autumn was the shirt jacket, among the models, woolen options with a “Scottish check” pattern gained particular popularity. The spring season of 2021 does not portend much change, oversized and street style will also remain at the forefront. However, soft shirts will recede into the background, giving the pedestal to improved interpretations – puffy jackets.

Features of the “inflated” jacket-shirt

Unlike its predecessor, the “puffy” shirt jacket is presented in an expanded variety. At the same time, she retained the comfort due to which this model of outerwear fell in love with many.

Already today you can find sewing options from raincoat fabric, quilted and woolen material, as well as from leather (leatherette), jeans. Many have an insulated lining that allows them to be worn all season as basic outerwear.

Models of “inflated” shirt jackets

“Puffy” shirt jacket will perfectly fit into the wardrobe of any woman. After all, this is the version of outerwear that will allow you to create an elegant look in uncertain weather, when it is still cool in the morning, and the sun is already warming in the afternoon. The main thing is to choose the right model.

For example, for those girls who prefer the classics and try to stick to a minimalist style, a one-color model with a classic collar, stitched cuffs and one (two) patch pockets is more suitable. This option is ideal for a casual look with jeans, sweatpants, it will also be in good harmony with a classic straight skirt.

The elongated model is more for those who not only try to look fashionable and stylish, but also prefer practical things. Such a raincoat shirt will fulfill its intended purpose (protect from wind and low temperatures). It is suitable for everyday wear and for creating a classic look.

A quilted shirt jacket (patchwork) will be an excellent purchase for a woman of any age category. An original and at the same time comfortable straight-cut model with a turn-down classic collar and patch pockets will complement the spring look of both a young person and an elderly lady.

But bright personalities should look at more colorful models. For example, you can wear a neon pink tie-dye shirt jacket. Its features are not only in the original colors and free silhouette, but also in the stand-up collar, combined welt and patch pockets. Such outerwear is more suitable for a sporty style, but a combination with a fitted skirt and ankle boots with wide heels is also possible.

“Puffy” shirt jackets will undoubtedly become a hit of the spring season 2021, because they combine simplicity, style, comfort. Thanks to the variety of models, today you can easily choose the right option for spring for your wardrobe.

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