Puffy skirt – a stylish basis for the New Year’s look 2021

It so happened that, thinking about the New Year’s outfit, the majority chooses dresses. Today we will destroy traditions and consider options for holiday sets with puffy skirts. Recently, the popularity of this part of the wardrobe is gaining momentum. If a woman is wearing a festive puffy skirt, she can change the look during the evening, removing a blouse of one style and leaving a top made in another direction.

Fascinate with contrasts

Modern fashion is inspired by contrasts. The image will be mega-stylish if you mix the accents of two or even three trends.

A skirt full of ruffles can be complemented with a short leather jacket and completed with ankle boots or light shoes.

A little glitter

When meeting the year of the Ox, it will be tempting to wear outfits with sequins. Try not to overload the look with sparkles so as not to upset the balance. The Mix & Match style has its own rules that require careful study. For example, if the top is embroidered with sparkles, this accent is enough, sparkling jewelry will already be superfluous.

Retro skirt

The fluffy skirt is a trend in retro style. She is the epitome of fragile femininity. On a festive evening, such a bottom of clothing will help to simulate a romantic look, a little naive and sensual. To add more brightness to the appearance, complement the outfit with shiny lace and jewelry.

Challenge or need

The combination of a romantic tulle skirt with a sweater will be unexpected and surprising. The combination of styles is always a bold and defiant escapism, a desire to break out of the ordinary and find a firework of emotions. The knitted top, of course, has a festive texture, ideally with a metallic thread. Or maybe it’s just an option not to look too formal in the office until the party starts.

Flying organza

To create a unique bow of an elegant princess, it is easy to combine a short organza skirt with a small top. Elastic fluffiness of the skirt is given by numerous assemblies. The riot of temperament of the outfit is given out by the flounces on the bottom of the product, their flight when walking transforms a modest lady into a bold hot beauty.

The bright New Year’s holiday is an occasion to shine with style. The idea of ​​a puffy skirt base will help you create a wardrobe for a party until 12 o’clock and for all subsequent fun events. Wear a top under a metallic jumper, a leather jacket will fit over the knitwear. For the street, insulate with a fur coat. Grab a sparkly sequined backpack with light princess shoes. Happy New Year!

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