pumpkin diet

If while following the diet you want to eat as satisfying as possible, then the pumpkin diet is an ideal option, since a huge number of delicious dishes can be made from pumpkin.

In addition, it should be remembered that the pumpkin diet does not require the use of expensive products, which means it will be very cheap. Pumpkin can be used for weight loss almost all year round, as it keeps well.

So, the pumpkin diet belongs to the type of low-calorie diets, the weight loss on which is approximately 6-8 kg. The diet consists of three cycles of four days. Therefore, the total duration is 12 days.

The best time to follow this diet is the end of winter – the beginning of spring, as the body needs cleansing, as well as various vitamins and minerals at this time.

Pumpkin helps to gently remove excess water from the body. Getting rid of excess fluid helps to reduce weight and, of course, improves the functioning of the kidneys and liver, which in turn contributes to a better complexion.

It should be remembered that pumpkin is the leader among vegetables in terms of fluorine, copper and iron. It is rich in vitamins of groups B, C, E, vitamin T, pectin, carotene and sugars. Pumpkin pulp can improve the functioning of the gallbladder, relieve inflammation in the intestines. In addition, it is recommended to drink pumpkin juice for people with gastritis with high acidity.

It should be noted that vitamin T, contained in pumpkin, contributes to a better absorption of fatty foods by the body, which means it helps to prevent the deposition of fat at the waist. Nutritionists advise overweight people to eat pumpkin, and all because the pumpkin diet is not harmful to health and helps to lose weight.

Pumpkin is much less caloric than cabbage! But it is cabbage that is considered the champion among many dietary vegetables.

Every day, in accordance with the pumpkin diet, you should consume from 950 to 1150 kcal. With such indicators, the weight will steadily decrease. But the most important thing is that if you follow the diet correctly, then the excess weight will not return.

Pumpkin Diet Menu.

The first day:

  • Breakfast: pumpkin porridge or pumpkin salad, tea or coffee without sugar. When preparing porridge, you can add rice, millet, oatmeal to it. Skimmed milk may be added if it is difficult to immediately abandon the usual diet.
  • Lunch: pumpkin soup.
  • Dinner: pumpkin stew (or just stewed pumpkin).

Second day:

  • Breakfast: pumpkin porridge or pumpkin salad. You can add apples to the salad. Fat-free yogurt or lemon juice is usually used as a salad dressing.
  • Lunch: pumpkin chops or diet soup.
  • Dinner: fresh apples. You can also baked apples.

The third day:

  • Breakfast: pumpkin porridge or pumpkin salad.
  • Lunch: soup with chicken or meatballs, to which you should definitely add pieces of pumpkin.
  • Dinner: pineapple and pumpkin salad. You can add some crackers if you like.

Fourth day:

  • Breakfast: pumpkin porridge or pumpkin salad.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, peppers baked in the oven.
  • Dinner: pumpkin stew. It is allowed to consume pumpkin baked in slices with a small amount of honey as a dessert.

A few rules of the pumpkin diet:

  1. The ability to choose the right pumpkin for the diet. Its flesh should be pale yellow, not bright orange.
  2. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are required to be eaten at the same time and not eaten after 18.00.
  3. After the diet, you should not immediately exclude pumpkin from the diet and overeat with high-calorie foods.

Like any diet, the pumpkin diet has its downsides. But there aren’t very many of them. For example, people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract should not eat a lot of pumpkins at all, since pumpkin contains a huge amount of dietary fiber, which makes food difficult for people with such diseases.

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