Purple manicure: fashion ideas of the season!

Purple manicure is one of the most stylish fashion trends of the 2019 season. Even the photo shows that nails painted in this color look fascinating, solemn and very cute. Shades of purple can be used in a variety of ways, picking them up for all occasions. A combination with other colors will also look no less bright. In a word, if you are just still thinking about what variation to apply a purple manicure, then our article is definitely for you!

50 shades of purple

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50 shades of purple

So, before you go to the master, decide on the desired color. For everyday manicure, which will be appropriate at work, the following light soft shades are suitable:

  • Lavender (light lilac);
  • violet;
  • Amethyst;
  • Purple;
  • wisteria;
  • Thistle.

Delicate lavender jacket

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This palette will perfectly refresh your image and add novelty to it. And if you want to bring chic, going to an evening rendezvous or a gala event, then in this case, pay attention to the following color schemes:

  • Vivid purple;
  • Dark purple;
  • Purple eggplant;
  • Plum;
  • Purple.

Stylish dark purple manicure

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Since this manicure is very catchy, especially in a monochromatic version, and attracts attention, it is necessary that your hands and nails are in perfect condition. Otherwise, he will only focus on the shortcomings.



Ideas for manicure

Naturally, in 2019 at the peak of popularity and purple manicure with design. There are hundreds of ideas for him that will delight you, but we have selected the best and most original ones to cover them in our article.

Stylish purple manicure design

  • Rhinestones and glitters. We can say with confidence that these decorations will add shine to any, even the most discreet manicure. In the case of rhinestones, there can be two application options. First: put light crystals on the nail, which is covered with purple varnish. And the second: stick purple rhinestones on the nail. At the same time, the varnish base can be of any shade.

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A special fashion trend this year was the inlay of rhinestones of butterflies, flowers, dragonflies and other plain figures. At the same time, the varnish coating must be monochrome, otherwise the nail art will be overloaded.

Rhinestones and glitter on purple manicure

As for glitters, these sequins will perfectly complement your evening look. Such a manicure will look perfect on short nails and pointed nails.

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If you want to go with rhinestones for as long as possible, pay attention to Swarovski crystals. Of course, their cost is somewhat higher than that of the usual plastic ones, but they will also be much better in quality.


  • Mirror manicure. Even last season, the craftsmen began to actively use metallic pigments in their work. And I must say, very successfully. In this 2019, rubbing has become a real trend. It looks very impressive in purple. It’s easy enough to do even at home. Apply gel polish on the nail plate, then, without removing the sticky layer, rub the mirror powder. To complete the process, cover your nails with two coats of top polish. Choose bright and saturated basic shades, for example: plum, dark lilac or eggplant.

Trendy mirror purple nails

  • ombre in purple manicure is a trend and a very popular fashion trend. And photos of robot masters from all over the world prove this. By creating a smooth gradient of shades of purple on your nails, you will get a trendy, feminine and stunningly beautiful nail art. And if you want to dilute the color palette, then combine purple with pink, white, yellow, silver or blue. The result will simply amaze you!

Delicate purple ombre

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  • Purple nail art with a pattern. What can be depicted on the nails this season? Yes, almost everything! In fashion, both romantic floral motifs and strict geometric ones. The main thing is to observe the measure and not overload the image with excessive application. And if we talk specifically about purple manicure, then many girls, choosing this shade, depict on their nails not just anything, but lilac flowers. This nail art looks very feminine and gentle in spring. No less popular are floral motifs depicting violets or lavender, which have the same color bases.

Stylish nail art

Although, the contrast has not been canceled either, and many women of fashion actively combine purple shades with patterns of white and red.

  • french. In order to please yourself with something unusual, you do not need to spend a lot of time and money. It is enough just to move away from the usual canons and now you are already on the way to something new. So, you can make a jacket using non-standard colors for this. For example, purple. Such a manicure is performed in the same way as a classic one. The only difference is that the “smile” line should be drawn in lilac. And to enrich the image, you can add rhinestones.

Beautiful purple french

It will look no worse in a purple variation and a reverse jacket – the so-called “moon” manicure.

purple moon jacket

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To make the moon manicure look organic, it is necessary to give an accent – to highlight the hole in a radically different color. For example, gold with sparkles or white.



  • Matte. Delicate purple manicure without gloss is suitable for absolutely all occasions and looks very elegant. At the same time, if you are not satisfied with its excessive simplicity, you can easily apply rhinestones or appliqué on a matte monochrome finish. This type of nail art is ideal for the autumn-winter period.

    Matte purple manicure with rhinestones

  • Velvet sand or flock. This is a novelty of 2019, which goes well with a purple manicure. In the photo presented in our article, you can see that such decoration looks very comfortable. After all, it seems that the nails are literally wrapped in velor.

Velvet lavender manicure

A color scheme

If you are thinking about what radically different shades purple can be combined with, then this section is for you.

Beautiful purple with yellow and white design

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So, the most familiar variations that can be found most often are a combination of lilac with: white, blue, black, gray, brown, golden and beige.

Purple with yellow

But, if you want something brighter, then bolder…

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