Purple Nail Design 2023

Violet is a complex and at the same time unusually beautiful shade. Despite the catchiness, it can be included in both winter and autumn looks. And in spring and summer, you just can’t do without it. The purple palette is quite extensive, which gives us a lot of opportunities for nail experiments. This shade is considered the most suitable for creative individuals. And if you consider yourself one of those, you will definitely be interested in today’s review, in which we will study the purple manicure-2023.



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The most successful color combinations of the season

Violet is quite capricious in terms of creating color duets. He does not like to coexist with brown, often lost against the background of bright red and burgundy, unfriendly to gray. And yet there are shades with which this capricious color scheme can find a common language. Let’s list them.

  • With yellow. A beautiful combination that will leave few indifferent. Girls, and women, will certainly appreciate its dynamism, tenderness, non-triviality. For winter, choose darker shades of purple. For spring – gentle.


  • With black. An elegant combination that will perfectly fit into evening looks. And not only. Decorate the black matte finish on long nails with glitter, shiny stripes and purple foil, it will turn out very modern and stylish.


  • with green. A beautiful and spring-like positive nail art will turn out if you combine purple and green in one design. Preference can be given to both warm and cold shades. Floral motifs, gradient technique will be appropriate here.

  • With pink. Very harmonious and gentle combination. Choose not too saturated tones of pink and purple so that the manicure does not turn out to be too catchy. Remember, it is important to strike a balance here, because these two colors should exactly coexist, and not suppress each other.


  • With white. Nail duet, which can be called a win-win. To create an interesting design on the nails, use fashionable purple glitter, drawings, small rhinestones, foil, stamping. Show your imagination so that the manicure looks fresh and original.


  • With silver. Purple nail design with silver is a great choice for a party. Including New Year’s 2023-2024. Silver glitter has long been considered universal. After all, it emphasizes the beauty of the neighboring shade, does not draw too much attention to itself, and looks elegant.

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As an experiment, purple can be combined in one design with light green or orange. It will turn out bright, but unusual. For more relaxed looks, save a duet with peach and beige.

Purple Manicure Fashion Design Ideas 2023

Charming purple is multifaceted. It allows you to create incredibly interesting designs on nails of any shape and length. The best of them are listed below.

  • Matte. If you’re looking for elegance, then a matte finish in dark purple is the way to go. The velvety texture emphasizes the depth and beauty of the shade. This nail art looks great even in a monochromatic version. But if you wish, you can add a little rhinestones to the design.


  • With smoky pattern. Smoky design is new for the 2023 season. This manicure looks somewhat avant-garde, but fresh. It works especially well on long nails. It is enough to decorate a couple of marigolds with “smoke” so that your hands are already noticed. The most suitable shape for this design is almond.


  • With rubbing. Rubbing continues to be one of the leading fashion trends in the nail segment. And no wonder, because it allows you to easily create a self-sufficient and beautiful design that does not need extra decorations. Rubbing, you can choose a mirror or “space” with a holographic effect.


  • With drawings. Purple manicure-2023 with a pattern can also be done on short nails. Remember, minimalism is in trend, which means it is better to abandon ornate and conspicuous patterns in favor of something more elegant and neat. Decorate one or two nails with floral motifs, such as a painted lavender sprig.


  • Classic and moon jacket. Try a classic French design with a purple palette. Cover the main part of the nail with lilac, and the “smile” line with rich dark purple. It will turn out stylishly, what you need for winter everyday looks. And the hole can be highlighted with silver foil, gold sparkles or rhinestones.

  • with sequins. Make a spectacular manicure with purple sparkles on long nails – this is very important today. Glitter is better to take dry, so that it looks textured on the nails. The design will turn out to be luxurious, but quite acceptable even for fashionable looks for every day. But to complement this nail art with other decorative elements is not worth it.


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Remember, the purple hue is very saturated. Under any circumstances, he will attract attention. Therefore, do not forget to take care of the beauty and well-groomedness of your hands.

Purple manicure-2023 continues to be in demand among fashionistas of various age categories. Be inspired by the designs shown in the photo, or come up with something original of your own.

Author and editor: Mizyukalina Olga


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