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Put it on now: how to wear wide leg pants in summer 2020

Wide-leg trousers, popular in the 60s and 70s, have reappeared at the top of the summer 2020 fashion trends presented by designers. But not all women decide to buy loose-fitting trousers, because they do not know how to wear them correctly. In addition, many doubt that such a style will suit them. Getting to know how to choose the right fashion item and what to wear it with will help dispel any doubts.

wide pants

How to choose wide leg pants

Loose-fitting trousers are versatile. They can be worn by girls of any height. In addition, they mask figure flaws well: for thin women, such a cut adds volume, and for full women it helps to hide lush hips.

Wide-leg trousers fashionable in 2020 include:

  • bananas;
  • palazzo;
  • culottes;
  • sail;
  • flare

At the peak of popularity in the summer of 2020, there will be straight-cut models with wide legs, reminiscent of men’s floor-length trousers, once introduced into fashion by actress Marlene Dietrich.

When choosing the style of oversized trousers, you should focus on the type of figure:

  • girls with a pear-shaped figure fit sail pants and flared ones;
  • the owners of the “apple” and “triangle” look good in bananas, culottes and pants flared from the knee;
  • women with an inverted triangle figure are advised to wear a palazzo;
  • “Rectangles” are desirable to give preference to high-waisted models, supplementing them with a belt or strap.

On tall girls, wide trousers of any style, color and texture look good. It is better for short ladies to avoid cropped loose pants, choosing a classic trouser length. The winning option would be a monochrome ensemble that visually stretches the silhouette.

Choice of pants length

Long wide models in combination with high-heeled shoes are also suitable for curvy women. Full girls can experiment with shortened products, but at the same time there should be no folds and flaws in the tight-fitting part. So that the lower part of the body does not look bulkier due to wide legs, you should choose trousers in dark colors: blue, gray, dark brown, black. The texture of the fabric must be dense in order to hold the shape.

choice of fabric for pants

trouser fabrics

What to wear with loose trousers in summer

Before you buy wide summer trousers, you need to determine which bow you plan to build on their basis. To create a harmonious image, you need to choose the right top of the outfit, as well as shoes.

The upper part of the ensemble

When choosing a top for short women, you need to adhere to the proportions, choosing the top to the trousers in a ratio of 1: 3. Thus, you can visually stretch the silhouette a little. It is not recommended to combine wide trousers with voluminous and falling below the hip things.

When choosing outerwear, the style, color and texture of the trousers are taken into account. Pants made of cotton or linen are suitable for summer bows.

Stylists recommend wearing oversized pants in the summer of 2020:

  1. With tops. This season, both tight-fitting models with narrow straps, as well as loose lace products or tops with transparent inserts are in trend.

top and pants

  1. With blouses. Pants with a high waist are successfully combined with a cropped blouse. Hits of the season – wrap blouses. For a hot day, you can choose models that have open shoulders. Lace and transparent inserts are also welcome. Loose long blouses are recommended to be worn tucked into pants.

blouse and trousers

  1. With t-shirts. In the summer season, wide trousers are in trend in combination with a T-shirt – both plain and with a print.

trousers with T-shirt

  1. With shirts. With a combination of loose pants with a shirt, you can create both an office bow and a casual one. This loose, short-sleeved shirt with patch pockets in a masculine style looks especially stylish this season. For walks in hot weather and as a beach option, shirt models tied with a knot at the waist are suitable.

shirt and trousers

  1. With light sweaters. On a cool summer evening, a soft crocheted sweater is the best option. A loose model with one lowered shoulder will look especially impressive.

trousers with a light sweater

Another fashion trend of this summer season is an elongated jacket combined with wide trousers. Such an ensemble fits well into a business dress code. You can leave the jacket loose or complement it with a leather belt, focusing on the waist.

jacket with wide trousers

For puffy girls, a mix of loose legs with a multi-layered top will be successful. In this case, the fabrics should be light, flying. Velvet or chiffon trousers complete with a white shirt will be a great alternative to an evening dress.

A sporty style will help to create wide-leg denim trousers in combination with a loose T-shirt. Wearing a sophisticated chiffon top with denim loose pants, you can get a chic summer outfit for a party.

chiffon top with jeans

How to wear solid colors

When creating a fashionable image, you can use a monochrome set. A white or snow-white ensemble will be appropriate in the office, and with the help of black things you get a mysterious and luxurious outfit.

Bright colors (wine, emerald, purple, yellow) are suitable for bold girls who want to draw attention to themselves.

The maximum color matching of trousers with outerwear is especially suitable for overweight women. Monochrome technique slims the figure, visually stretching the silhouette. Slender girls, on the contrary, can choose contrasting elements.

plain trousers

Wide white trousers

Printed wide leg trousers

Oversized print trousers pair perfectly with black or white tops. On a cool evening, the top can be replaced with a turtleneck or a knitted pullover.

Striped products are combined with a solid top, the color of which matches the color of the stripes. You can mix prints by wearing a top with the same stripe going in a different direction. Models with vertical stripes that visually increase the length of the legs are suitable for girls of medium height.

Printed wide leg trousers

Checkered trousers are suitable for creating an office bow. A strict shirt or an elongated vest will complement a business outfit.

Checkered trousers

Floral print is the best choice for summer outfit. Palazzo or culottes decorated with flowers in combination with the basic shades of the upper part of the outfit will not look too catchy.

floral print trousers

Oversized trousers with stripes are the best option for creating a sporty or casual style. You can wear them with shirts or t-shirts.

Oversized trousers with stripes

Shoes and accessories

Wide-cut trousers look good with high-heeled shoes. These shoes will increase the height and give the image elegance. It can be both thin stilettos and shoes with thick heels or on the platform. At the same time, long trousers can completely cover the shoes.

If the legs are too long, they can simply be rolled up. In the summer of 2020, it will look especially stylish. Long models are combined with pointed shoes. Classic pumps are ideal for…

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