Putting on a coat: 6 common mistakes women make

Every modern woman has a coat in her wardrobe. However, not everyone knows how to wear it correctly. That is why it will be useful to study other people’s mistakes in combining coats with other wardrobe items, so as not to unknowingly make your own.

Length Mismatch

Coats go well with dresses and skirts. However, it will be considered an error if the lengths of these things do not match. So, the dress peeking out from under the coat visually shortens the figure and legs. That is why you need to ensure that all wardrobe items have the same length, or the length of the dress or skirt is 10 cm shorter.

The same applies to wearing breeches and boots in combination with a short coat. Such a multi-stage design looks more ridiculous than stylish. It is also desirable to avoid such decisions.

The inconsistency of the cut of the coat with the features of the figure

Many women do not know or do not take into account the features of their figure when buying a coat. The result is a beautiful new piece that fits horribly, or doesn’t “fit” in color or length. You need to select this piece of clothing, starting from the type of your physique and appearance. No wonder it is said: “following fashion, do not disfigure yourself.”

unkempt look

The coat is worn in the cold rainy season, and therefore pollution cannot be avoided on it. And the materials from which they are sewn are very wrinkled, rolled up and prone to shrinkage. Therefore, this wardrobe item requires delicate care – dry cleaning, steaming, cleaning with a sticky roller and other procedures. You can’t neglect them, otherwise the coat will look sloppy, and there will be no trace of a feminine look.

Wrong color

Coat color is critical. Especially when combined with long hair. An unsuccessfully chosen coat color can simply merge with them. It is possible that the color of the hairstyle will fade sharply against the background of clothing. You need to know and take into account your type of appearance. Then there will be no such errors.

full pockets

Many women like to put things in the pockets of outerwear. It is very convenient. But the shape of the coat is greatly deformed, and the result is not a feminine image, but a kind of shapeless house dressing gown. To prevent this from happening, you need to make it a habit to carry a capacious handbag with you. And leave the coat pockets only for a handkerchief.

color spot

Now in fashion coats in monochrome. The mistake is to complement them with the same monochrome accessories. As a result, instead of a stylish ensemble, you get a shapeless set in shades of gray. The fix is ​​pretty simple. You need to introduce one single bright accessory, and it will immediately refresh the image.

Wearing a coat is an art. He needs to study. And better, of course, on other people’s mistakes.

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