Pyruvic face peeling: indications, benefits, reviews

Skin renewal is a natural process. With age and under the influence of external factors, regeneration slows down. Cosmetic procedures help speed it up. One of them is pyruvic face peeling based on the action of acids.

The procedure involves the use of pyruvic acid (pyruvate), which is of organic origin. Pyruvate is a mild exfoliant that can remove dead cells and improve complexion. The substance quickly penetrates the skin, smoothes it and acts as an antiseptic.


The active ingredients here are pyruvate and lactic acid. Their combination provides an optimal exfoliating effect. Lactic acid helps to eliminate dead cells and restore a healthy complexion. Additionally, this substance whitens the skin, cleanses it of comedones and is a powerful antioxidant.

Depending on the problems to be solved, cosmetologists use the following compositions:

  • 40% pyruvic and 5% lactic acid (for oily skin);
  • 50% pyruvic and 5% lactic acid (if there are signs of aging);
  • 25% pyruvic and 25% lactic acid (for sensitive or dark skin, and as a preparation for deeper cleansing).


Pyruvine peeling has a positive effect on the skin:

  • reduces wrinkles and folds on the face;
  • returns a healthy complexion;
  • activates the natural process of cell renewal;
  • tightens the oval of the face;
  • helps cells produce collagen and elastin;
  • reduces the secretion of sebum;
  • cleanses and tightens pores;
  • eliminates dirt and germs.


The procedure is useful for various skin problems:

  • withering of the skin (the appearance of mimic wrinkles, reduced tone);
  • the presence of age spots;
  • dull complexion;
  • increased production of sebum;
  • acne, acne.


Exfoliants have a number of contraindications for use:

  • the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • damage to the skin (wounds, burns, inflammation);
  • oncology;
  • high body temperature;
  • diabetes;
  • infectious diseases;
  • serious damage to internal organs;
  • rosacea;
  • herpes;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • allergic reactions to peeling components.

How to prepare for peeling

Before the procedure, you need to be examined by a cosmetologist who will prescribe the proportions of active ingredients. If the skin is prone to psoriasis, it is better to refuse it. In the presence of inflammation, the procedure should be postponed to avoid the penetration of acids deep into the tissues.

In order for the effect of acids to be most effective, certain measures must first be taken:

  • use exfoliating products for 2 weeks, then the acids will be able to penetrate as deeply as possible
  • treat the face with a hydrocortisone solution;
  • Use SPF to protect your skin from the sun.

As a result, the stratum corneum of the skin is leveled, which ensures a uniform effect of all components. Additionally, other measures may be prescribed by a cosmetologist, which depends on the individual characteristics of the skin.

How is the procedure

Pyruvine peeling includes several stages:

  1. The skin is treated with hydrophilic oil or an alcohol solution to remove impurities and sebum secretions.
  2. A lotion with a tonic effect is applied to the face.
  3. An acid composition is distributed over the face with a cotton swab or brush. The application sequence is as follows: forehead, cheeks, chin, nose.
  4. Acids are left for a certain period of time, usually 5 to 15 minutes. The duration of the procedure is set by the beautician on an individual basis.
  5. Additionally, neutralizing agents are used that are applied to acids.
  6. The active substances are removed with a napkin.
  7. The remaining components are washed off with warm water.
  8. The skin is dried with a napkin, then a tonic lotion is used.
  9. A cream with moisturizing ingredients is applied to the skin after treatment.

During the peeling, a burning sensation is felt, but it will quickly pass. Pain or other discomfort does not appear. The composition has an unpleasant odor that disappears after airing.

It is not recommended to use acids on your own. Otherwise, adverse consequences are possible. Therefore, the procedure should be entrusted to a specialist in beauty salons.

How often is peeling done?

To achieve the best result, it is recommended to complete a course consisting of several procedures. At the first symptoms of skin aging, the effect of acids is carried out twice a month. With high pigmentation, pyruvic peeling is done every 10 days. In the presence of acne, the composition can be applied once a week.

Typically, a course of pyruvic peeling includes up to 7 sessions. If skin problems are serious, then their number increases to 10. In the future, one application of the composition is required per month to maintain the result.

What to do after

Pyruvic acid has a fairly mild effect. Therefore, after its use there is no need for complex additional care. However, the skin is exposed to chemicals and needs protection.

After peeling, there is increased peeling, slight redness and swelling. These effects go away after a few days.

The following care will help to consolidate the positive result after the action of the exfoliant:

  • treat the skin for several days with an acetic solution;
  • apply a cream containing aloe to the face a week after using pyruvate;
  • avoid active facial expressions in the next 5-7 days;
  • use a cream with an SPF factor for a month.

What means can reduce redness and peeling, the beautician will give advice. If the skin begins to exfoliate, you do not need to remove its particles yourself.

During the recovery period, it is better to avoid direct sunlight, wind, precipitation, too low or high temperatures. It is recommended to refuse to visit open reservoirs, swimming pools, baths and saunas.


Maria, 30 years old, Moscow: “I decided to try pyruvic peeling on the advice of a beautician. With age, nasolabial folds began to appear, and the complexion worsened from constant stress. The procedure went quickly, there was a slight burning sensation. Then, redness remained for several days, and peeling was activated. Therefore, it is better to peel before the weekend or holidays. I immediately noticed that my face became toned, traces of acne disappeared. ”

Anna, 24 years old, Nizhny Novgorod: “I have oily skin, constantly…

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