Quelly: women’s plus size clothing

Just because you wear plus size doesn’t mean you can’t look luxurious! All you need is a wide range of plus size Quelli clothes and some simple rules that will help to hide the imperfections of your body and emphasize its merits. Yes, more confidence!

Irresistible appearance and cosmic figures on the price tags have nothing in common, what is more important is your own comfort and the ability to emphasize your incomparable smooth forms. You may be surprised, but in this case, fashion is on your side, especially in 2015!

We allow ourselves to give you some valuable tips, take them into service to transform your image and feel in tune with your own size.

Hide one, show another

Colors, cutouts and patterns are reliable tools to take the eyes of others away from the problem areas of your body and transfer them to the most luxurious places. Here are the basic rules you should know:

  • Dark colors hide, light colors emphasize. It’s simple: if you like your waist, accentuate it with a white belt worn over a dark shirt. Do you want to visually reduce the volume of your hips? Wear dark pants and a light top.
  • Large patterns visually increase volumes, while small ones, on the contrary, reduce them. Like the polka dot pattern? Fine, but opt ​​for a small rather than a large pattern.
  • Avoid horizontal lines. The strip looks good on puffy ladies if it is vertical or diagonal. With a horizontal stripe, you can, for example, emphasize the line of a beautiful lush bust.
  • Do not pull the gathered fabric over anything that you think has extra volume. It is better to use this technique on those parts of the body that you want to emphasize.
  • Use ruffles to cover areas that you would like to reduce a bit. For example, buy a piece swimsuit with ruffles in the abdomen. In the Quelly catalog of plus sizes you will find a lot of models with seductive ruffles!
  • Learn to use color correctly, because you know what colors suit you the most? The right color will make your skin glow, while the wrong one can make your skin tone appear earthy and dull.
  • Of course, you should not completely abandon baggy clothes, but choose one that is in line with fashion and does not hint at bad taste. You can buy plus size German clothes in Quelly: entrust your style to German designers, whose oversized clothes look especially attractive this season.
  • Wear corrective underwear – it will serve as the basis of your fashionable image. It’s hard to look your best when you’re wearing underpants that are too loose and a bra that isn’t tight enough, from which your breasts can fall out every now and then. By the way, high-quality underwear will help prevent back pain. Your right choice is well-fixed underwear with a high waist, sewn from cotton.
  • Choosing underwear that is smaller than your own is a fairly common mistake for plus size ladies. Believe me, such underwear will not help you look better.
  • Choose styles and fabrics that look good on your hips. If your body type is pear, avoid flared skirts and pants, shapeless clothes like layered long robes and one-size dresses. Instead, buy plus size clothes with an emphasis on the waist. Forget about tight-fitting pencil skirts. Your right choice is A-line skirts and hems.
  • Get at least one pair of well-fitting jeans. Skinny jeans and dark straight cut jeans are sure to dress you up.
  • Be careful with leggings! Paired with a long tunic and dress, they really suit some women, but if you have full hips, they will look just awful.
  • Puffy ladies with a body type resembling an apple in silhouette (voluminous shoulders, chest, stomach) will suit classic T-shaped T-shirts. Avoid tops with halter necks and tops with ruffles at the bottom. Try once again not to expose bulky shoulders. Long cardigans and jackets will help to smooth the figure, while short tops will only exacerbate the problem.
  • If you like your forearms, choose clothes with ¾ sleeves. And if, on the contrary, you are not too happy with your hands, choose things with long or short sleeves. Visual “cutting” somewhere in the center of the arm with a sleeve is not your option.
  • If you like to wear leggings, try pairing them with a long tunic top that flares (or floats) towards the bottom.
  • Make sure that the button line of the shirt is not pulled tight over the bust and belly. The fabric should lie flat, without tension. Great plus size blouses and shirts from Quelli will help you create a successful everyday or evening look.


  • Large accessories are very suitable for puffy women – bracelets, earrings, pendants. However, emphatically teenage jewelry should be avoided.
  • Give up too small bags in favor of voluminous ones, they will look much more advantageous.
  • Wear long earrings, they visually make the neck thinner and longer.
  • Nice riding boots will help make your legs visually slimmer. You can wear such shoes with skirts and tight pants.
  • If you have fairly plump legs and ankles, ditch light, dainty shoes with pinstripes and stilettos or passers-by will think you’re about to collapse. A thick heel, on the contrary, will look great.
  • And finally: do not lose confidence in yourself and your own image, you have your own individuality, which no one can deprive you of.

Quelle fashion catalogs will help you look stunning every day, wherever you are! Ordering plus size clothes on the Internet is the secret of your successful image, seductiveness and amazing attractiveness.

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