Radevit ointment: instructions for use for wrinkles

Ointment Radevit is a domestic drug recognized by cosmetologists, which is successfully used by women as a remedy for early skin aging. The effect obtained from the use of the ointment is explained by the active action of the vitamins that make up its composition. To get the desired result, you need to know everything about the properties of the ointment and apply it correctly.

Composition and properties

Ointment Radevit is made on the basis of an aqueous emulsion, which includes well-known vitamins – A, E, D. Their beneficial properties, combined in one preparation, increase the effect of active substances on the skin:

  • vitamin A or “growth vitamin” – promotes rapid renewal and growth of epidermal cells, and also retains moisture;
  • vitamin E – removes harmful toxins and neutralizes free radicals, brightens age spots;
  • vitamin D2 – regulates intracellular metabolic processes, increases immune responses to viruses and bacteria, as well as harmful environmental factors.

In the improved formula Radevit Active instead of vitamin D2 vitamin D is present3. It provides prevention of photoaging, making the cell frame elastic and elastic.

In addition to the active components, the ointment contains excipients, which are much larger in percentage terms. These include: wax, glycerin, petroleum jelly, ethyl alcohol, purified water, preservatives.

The ointment in its composition does not contain fragrances and dyes, so its use in most cases does not cause allergies. The optimal quantitative ratio of the components of the ointment provides a therapeutic effect in the presence of diseases and effective care in order to prevent them.

Dermatologists use the medicinal properties of the ointment when restoring the skin with various dermatitis, allergic rashes, as a drug that restores, nourishes, moisturizes and softens damaged skin. The regenerating properties of the components of the ointment are used for sunburn, for the healing of erosions, scratches and uninfected wounds.

The ability of the ointment to quickly improve the condition of the skin by stimulating the production of substances that maintain its elasticity plays an important role in the use of the drug as a remedy for wrinkles.

Rules for anti-aging care

Every woman has an age when the cells slow down the process of producing substances responsible for a healthy skin condition. The face becomes flabby, and the reflection in the mirror ceases to please. Then many begin to search for effective means of facial skin rejuvenation and opt for Radevit ointment. When using it, you need to remember simple rules.

  1. The ointment is stored in the refrigerator, away from the freezer, out of the reach of children.
  2. Before use, a sensitivity test is required, which is carried out in areas with thin skin. It is customary to test on the elbow bend.
  3. If, after the start of application, lacrimation, swelling and redness appear, then you can not use the cream.
  4. Apply the product with light massage movements twice a day: in the morning after washing and as a night cream. It is easily absorbed and leaves no oil on the surface of the skin.
  5. Be sure to cleanse the skin with lotion or tonic before applying.
  6. It is undesirable to apply the product to the areas under the eyes, since the glycerin contained in it can cause the opposite effect. Therefore, the ointment is not suitable for smoothing crow’s feet.
  7. It must be remembered that it is impossible to apply the drug to the inflamed areas of the skin, it can aggravate the problems.
  8. Scratches and microcracks on the skin must be disinfected with any antiseptic before applying the cream.
  9. If the skin is very flaky, then the ointment can be used as a compress. In this case, the bandage must be well fixed so that it does not let air through.
  10. The drug should not be used if individual components cause an allergic reaction, as well as during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Hypervitaminosis can also be a contraindication.
  11. Radevit as a cosmetic mask or cream for facial massage can be used no more than once every 3-4 weeks.
  12. It must be remembered that Radevit ointment is a medicine. The course of its application is 45 days. Then a break is needed, as with prolonged use, an overdose of the vitamins contained in it may occur.

For which skin problems is the action most effective?

Women who have already tried the action of Radevit ointment on themselves note that the desired anti-aging effect can be easily achieved if the skin of the face is dry and prone to irritation. With prolonged exposure of the skin to external factors such as frost, wind, sunlight, Radevit ointment is indispensable, as it normalizes the skin condition and prevents early aging.

The effectiveness of the ointment is also noted when dryness appears on the skin from the use of many medicinal external agents, including hormonal ointments.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of the ointment can be called accessibility and ease of use. It is available in any pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription and at a relatively low price.

Packaging in the form of a tube with a volume of 350 g makes it convenient to take it with you on the road, on vacation or on a business trip.

But many components of the ointment may be intolerable with increased sensitivity to them. Then they can show properties harmful to the body:

  • ethanol can excessively dry the skin, cause irritation, exacerbate inflammation in the form of acne;
  • the preservatives contained are not suitable for allergy sufferers, as they can cause hives and dermatitis, and with prolonged use cause the development of cancer cells;
  • glycerin at low atmospheric humidity is able to extract water molecules from the deep layers of the skin, causing a moisture deficit.

Reviews on the use of ointment Radevit from wrinkles

The advantages and disadvantages of Radevit cream when used for smoothing and rejuvenating the face are widely discussed on the Internet on various women’s sites and blogs. Cosmetologists, dermatologists and ordinary readers express their opinion.

In most cases, there is a positive effect. Cosmetologists recommend the drug, paying attention to its natural components and their relationship with skin cells. However, they all agree that a consultation is necessary before starting the application. Some ask with caution to use the drug for hormonal changes that accompany menopause.

Most readers say that after applying the face really began to look younger, fine wrinkles disappeared, skin …

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