Rainbow manicure 2020

Rainbow manicure is one of the hottest trends of 2020. It looks great on nails of any length, creates a summer mood and is not trivial. And it is about this colorful nail art that we will talk in detail today.

Features of rainbow manicure

At first glance, it seems that the rainbow on the nails is very simple to perform. In fact, it becomes obvious that multi-colored nail art requires certain skills and experience. For example, the master must see in advance which colors will blend well with each other, and which neighborhood is best avoided. This is the main, but not the only feature of the rainbow manicure.

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Also, do not forget that nails painted in bright colors will invariably attract the close attention of others. Therefore, they must always be in perfect condition. Remember that regrown cuticles, bumps and other flaws in such nail art are strictly not allowed, as all this will be striking.

And one more thing: to create a rainbow manicure with gel polish, it is not at all necessary to contact a specialist. After all, if you yourself have at least minimal artistic skills, then you can easily create a bright and interesting design on your nails. And to follow the trends, use the ideas that we will talk about right now.

Fashion trends in the rainbow manicure segment for 2020

Rainbow nail art is a very bold decision. For everyday wear, it is suitable only in the hot season, when you will not surprise anyone with bright colors. But in winter and autumn, such a manicure should be resorted to with caution, since in most cases it will look out of place.

And yet there are enough fans of such an unusual design. After all, as we have already said, rainbow colors perfectly cheer up. And in order to follow the fashion trends in this segment, it must be applied in the following techniques.


Perhaps this is the most popular method of applying a rainbow manicure. Indeed, as a result, a beautiful pattern is formed on the nails, the main feature of which is a smooth transition from one color to another.

There are several types of gradient manicure – vertical, which is the most popular, horizontal, when the color stretches not from top to bottom within one nail, but horizontally across the entire width of the hand. Also in 2020, a novelty appeared in this segment of nail art – a gradient with clear transitions. It differs from its counterparts in that there are quite distinguishable boundaries between colors and there is no usual stretching.

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How to apply a rainbow manicure using the ombre technique?

  • Start by giving the nail plate the desired shape and length. Next, remove excess cuticles, clean the rollers, and tidy up the skin around the entire nail.
  • After finishing the classic manicure procedure, get ready for applying varnishes. Select the desired rainbow shades, which should be at least 5 pieces. But before you start applying them, cover the plate with a transparent base.
  • After the top is dry, apply white gel polish over it. This is necessary so that the coating, consisting of other shades, looks more bright and expressive.
  • When the white varnish dries, proceed directly to the obmre technique. To do this, you will need a sponge, which you need to cut into several pieces no larger than a fingernail.
  • Next, we apply all the prepared varnishes to each square. After that, small sponges alternately lean against one of the nails for a few seconds. At the same time, your movements should be clear and fast so that the colors fall as they should.

As a result of this simple manipulation, you will get a rainbow gradient manicure, incredibly fashionable in 2020, which will definitely cheer you up. If desired, this nail art can be decorated with additional decorative elements in the form of sparkles or rhinestones.

Water rainbow nail art

And this is another interesting and rather simple technique that allows you to get an intricate pattern on the nails. Such a rainbow manicure looks quite non-standard, and will be a great decoration for the summer of 2020. Its main advantage is that the pattern is absolutely unique, and you can be sure that you will not find anything like this on the nails of other women.

To create a rainbow manicure on the water, you will need to perform the following manipulations.

  • As in the previous case, first carry out the classic procedure for caring for nails and giving them the necessary shape.
  • Then prepare a small bowl of clean water and a few polishes in different shades.
  • On the decorated nails, first apply a transparent top. Let it dry well.
  • Further, as in the ombre technique, white gel polish follows. Additionally, so that when applying the rainbow pattern, the skin around the plate does not stain, apply a greasy cream to your hands.
  • After that, drop a few drops of varnishes of different colors into the prepared water. And so that they mix with each other and create an interesting pattern, draw a toothpick over them in a chaotic manner.
  • Now you can alternately lower your fingers into the container. And do not forget to move them a little in the water so that the intricate pattern fits beautifully on the nails.
  • Let the resulting iridescent abstraction dry properly, and then cover it with a transparent top on top.

[tds_warning]By the way, this version of the rainbow manicure is best done on long nails. Since on short plates such a bright and chaotic pattern will look awkward.[/tds_warning]

With drawings

Bright and cheerful stains on the nails look very summery. This design is suitable for independent nail art, and will be successfully combined with other decor. For example, with drawings relevant for the summer season. What could it be? Palm trees, ice cream, tropical flowers and birds, cartoon characters, sun, nautical theme and much more. In fact, everything here is limited only by your imagination.

By the way, a good solution would be to draw a simple rainbow on the nails. It can be located on a dark background and separately on each nail, or look like a stretch all over the arm. Both options look very cute. This design definitely belongs to the fashion trends of summer 2020.

French manicure

French manicure is a recognized classic in the nail art segment. And not a single fashion trend can do without it.

Recently, more and more often on the nails of fashionistas you can find a jacket made using the ombre technique, when several shades, flowing one into another, adorn the smile line. This solution looks very fresh, interesting and fashionable.

However, applying a rainbow manicure in the form of a gradient jacket requires certain skills. For beginners, there is an easier technique, and it consists in decorating the line …

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