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A black blouse is so versatile in its combinations that it claims to be the basic item of a stylish wardrobe. However, the question “What to wear it with?” does not lose its relevance. The new bow is better than the old two, right? Then let’s quickly start creating practical and stylish looks with your favorite black blouse!


Business bows

Idea #1

If the work dress code requires you to be strict and elegant in your look, Total black look can be a win-win option. It assumes that all the elements of your stylish ensemble are designed in black.

But if you want to dilute the restraint of this outfit a little, you can always rely on contrasting accessories or shoes. For example, red boats will be very useful.

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Important point! An image that is completely made in a black palette is strictly contraindicated for overweight women. They often mistakenly believe that a neutral color will mask extra centimeters, but in fact the opposite effect is guaranteed.


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Idea #2

When the boss is less conservative, you can play a little with combinations and add rich colors to the work look. For example, in a stylish tandem with a black blouse with or without a peplum, a red pencil skirt can be used.

In this image, you need to minimize the number of accessories and prefer laconic styles of things. So it will turn out restrained and moderately bright.

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Idea #3

A black leather pencil skirt can be the finishing touch to any work outfit. By the way, fashion trends 2018-2019 proclaim it their favorite.

This is the same total black image, but more interesting and stylish. If you are afraid to cross the strict boundaries of the dress code, choose a midi-length skirt that will not have decor, slits and overly tight fit.

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Idea #4

A black sheer blouse can be worn with a pantsuit for the most elegant and stylish look. To prevent this set from being defiant, it is better to stick to a dark color palette.

If you prefer opaque blouses, then you can afford to combine them with bright suits, which are incredibly popular right now.

celebrity fashion example

The most trendy options are red, fuchsia, emerald and burgundy.

Black blouse in tandem with a bright suit

Idea #5

You probably have a few pairs of your favorite trousers in your work wardrobe. Great news: all of them will look great in tandem with a black blouse. It is noteworthy that the color of the bottom in this image can be absolutely anything: light or dark, bright or neutral.

You can also complement this work bow with a strict jacket or blazer and various laconic jewelry. The thing is that in a combination of a blouse + trousers there is practically no stop signal, and he will be able to accept any things in a business style into his team.

Stylish look with different styles of trousers

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Casual in the subject

Idea #1

What to wear with a black blouse on weekdays? With your favorite jeans of course! Look at the photo, how harmoniously this combination looks.

Jeans can be light or dark, let’s say tight-fitting or experimenting with trendy flares. In any case, you will create a practical and stylish bow.

Fashion flared jeans

Idea #2

If you rely on convenience when making casual bows, then we advise you to take a closer look at the practical elongated black blouse. This style is rapidly gaining its popularity and is actively used by many stars.

When the blouse is quite long, it can be a stylish alternative to a dress. True, in this case, shoes with heels would be clearly a bad idea.

Another on-trend idea is to pair a long flowy blouse with blue distressed jeans that can be tight or sit loose. The ideal shoes for this outfit are a comfortable pair with thick soles.

Something More Interesting

We now propose to discard the usual combinations and create bright and unexpected images. Believe me, a black blouse is very conducive to this!

And what bottom will you choose under a black blouse?

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Idea #1

Be honest, how often have you bought trendy items in crazy colors and then confusedly could not come up with stylish combinations with them. Surely, this is familiar to every fashionista.

Luckily, most printed skirts can be put to good use when paired with a black blouse. Yes, yes, the time has come for animalistic, geometric and floral colors, which, although the main hits of the season, are rather difficult to combine.

The main rule of a harmonious image is to maintain balance. If you choose an active bottom, the top should be calmer. For example, a guipure or transparent blouse is unlikely to successfully fit into such a bow. But laconic cotton options will definitely be a great idea.

Idea #2

At first glance, a blouse + skirt may not seem like the most inspiring combination, but you just need to add color contrasts to create an image, and the process becomes very exciting.

Dark tones harmonize perfectly with juicy and bright colors, and this is definitely worth using when creating cool bows. If you find a stylish skirt in blue, yellow, pink or another rich color in your wardrobe, combine them with a black blouse in turn.

Depending on the brightness of the color palette of the image and the availability of accessories, you can go to a club or meet with friends in it.

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Interesting! Black color tends to make neighboring shades more juicy and saturated.


Idea #3

White top and black bottom – how familiar and, sorry, boring. We suggest you change the rules of this fashionable game and now do the opposite. This combination looks more original and fresh.

In the role of the bottom for this image, you can choose a skirt or trousers of various styles. Any of these combinations will look stylish and non-trivial.

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Note! The volume of the light bottom should be slightly larger than the black top in order to create a harmonious and effective bow.


Idea #4

If you’re wondering what to wear with a statement sequin skirt, then you should definitely try pairing it with a black chiffon blouse.

You can not be afraid of association with a mourning image when choosing a dark shade for the top and bottom. Shiny sequins and romantic chiffon will do their job and set the bow on a festive wave. So, if you still have not come up with a bow for the New Year, you can take note of this idea.

A black blouse is a great addition to a sequin skirt

Idea #5

The controversial must-have of the season is a dark lace blouse. Despite the classic color scheme,…

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