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Our guide will tell you which hair clipper is best for different purposes. They have so many characteristics, features and such a different price range – no wonder you turned to our website for help! We promise to put all the information on the shelves and give valuable advice on choosing!


Top Producers

Any hairdresser will confirm the fact that when choosing a clipper, you should focus on the company and trust only well-known brands. The dubious quality of cheap brands most likely means that the engine will burn out after a couple of uses. In addition, the most budget devices are not accurate to the hair: they tear it and pull it painfully.

By right, the most reliable brands are BaByliss, Philips, Braun, Moser, Polaris, Panasonic and Rowenta.

Rating of the best models for the home

Philips QC5115

The recognized leader of our list is the Philips QC5115. This machine has earned the first place due to its reliability and affordability. This tool also boasts self-sharpening blades. Reviews of satisfied customers note that the machine has been doing its job for many years in a row, it is easy to use and light in weight.

Knife on a Philips QC5115 typewriter

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Moser 1230-0051 Primat

If you are haunted by the question of which machine is best for cutting hair and beards, pay attention to the Moser 1230-0051 Primat device. Its main trump card is the quiet operation. During operation of the device, the blades do not clog and there is no need to clean them. The high power of the motor allows the machine to be used both at home and by professional hairdressers, even for cutting animals.

In contrast to these advantages is the bulkiness of such a model. But if you get used to its rather heavy weight, you can experiment as much as you like on the image with a large number of additional attachments.

Braun HC 5050

This cordless battery powered model is also great not only for cutting hair, but also for shaping stubble. An additional feature is a charging indicator that gives a signal when the battery is weak.

Those who are familiar with such a machine note that it fits comfortably in the hand, and its powerful blades do not clog with hair and do not damage the skin. During operation, the device does not make a lot of noise – another nice advantage.

Of the minuses, one can note a rather low speed. If you are looking for a unit for cutting long and thick hair, it makes sense to look for a more powerful device.

Vitek VT-2519

This machine is perfect for home use, as it is easy to operate and small in size. In addition, the comfortable handle is equipped with an anti-slip coating – with an uncertain hand movement, the machine will not fall out.

With such a device, you can arrange a real home salon, because it allows you to create even complex haircuts. The presence of several levels of length is responsible for this – from 5 to 23 mm.

However, with such a product it will not be possible to trim the beard.

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Which machine is best for cutting hair at home? Many amateur hairdressers, and specifically those who like to cut their household members, will vote for GA.MA PRO-8. This device is complemented by a removable knife block and 4 comb attachments. Of the significant advantages, almost silent operation and fashionable design can be noted.

As a minus, many consider that the device cannot be washed under water.

Panasonic ER1410

This model is advanced in performance and at the same time it has proven itself in home use. The device can be powered by a battery or a wall outlet. If you choose wireless mode, you will surely enjoy 80 minutes of uninterrupted operation.

The feature of this model is antibacterial spraying. It is equipped with sharp blades that are sharpened at a certain angle – this property allows you to easily and quickly cut off unwanted hair. The arguments in favor of this machine are also ease of use and the presence of a charging indicator.

[stextbox id=’info’]Note! When the battery life of this machine expires, it cannot be used from the mains.[/stextbox]

Polaris PHC 2501

Buyers at the first acquaintance with this model are usually delighted with its price. When they begin to exploit it, they note the convenience and lightness. The blade of this device is made of high quality steel and has a comfortable width of 45 mm.

The height of the knife can be from 0.8 mm to 2 cm. This is an excellent indicator that will allow you to create haircuts of various lengths.

The low cost is justified by the ability to use the device only from the network. At the same time, after every 10 minutes of work, you need to allow the machine to rest for half an hour.

Remington HC5880

This model is a godsend for those who have a sin to drop various devices and break them. Such a machine is able to withstand such a test thanks to the most durable polycarbonate body.

Operation of this device is possible both from the battery, and from a network. If you choose the first option, then the machine will easily work for 2 hours in a row. A definite plus is a powerful engine. Thanks to modern equipment, cutting with the Remington HC5880 takes just a few minutes.

Such a device can easily cope with any hair structure, treat it with care and at the same time please with low noise during operation.

Sinbo SHC-4354

This machine boasts the largest number of length values ​​​​(there are already 18 of them!). With it, you can easily cut your hair to zero or just adjust your hair.

Rating of machines for professionals

  • Hairway Ultra Pro Creative is a German miracle of progress that has gained popularity in record time. The device can operate from the network or autonomously, but not more than 50 minutes. The package includes one nozzle with which you can cut from 3 to 7 mm. The high-strength body and stylish design are combined with an affordable price and justify all the hopes of narrow-profile hairdressers.

  • Whal 8147-016 Legend is a professional hair clipper with high speed and excellent work quality. At the same time, the device practically does not make noise, which is also a plus. 8 comb attachments allow the hairdresser to create exclusive hairstyles.

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  • Rowenta TN-5100 is a universal model that will allow you not only to create various haircuts, but also to style your beard and mustache in style. The length varies from 3 mm to 3 cm – this is a huge scope for the creativity of the hairdresser! The excellent motor guarantees smooth operation and excellent speed.

  • BaByliss E791E is made in a trendy minimalist style. The manufacturer has taken care of 30 modes of operation, 2 additional nozzles and the presence of self-sharpening blades.

  • Panasonic ER131 is not only a device for creating various haircuts, but also a full-fledged trimmer. The main advantages of such a machine are durability, ease of operation and a cable length of 4 m.

The main secrets of choice

  • A professional hairdresser cannot do without a rotary machine with…

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