Red hair color 2023

Fashionable hair coloring 2023 in red color is an unconditional hit in trends. We will tell you which shades are at the peak of popularity and who they suit. Go!

trend shades

Meet the main favorites of the season!


The key trend of 2023 is copper hair color, which flashed at regular intervals at top shows. The noble and muted color scheme has no age restrictions and looks elegant. Colorists suggest that copper hair is a godsend for girls with an autumn color type.

Copper-red hair is especially popular in winter 2023.


Hair color trends 2023 are gradually moving away from extremely bright shades towards softness and naturalness. A professional colorist can create a delicate tone that will bring elegance to the female image. The top red-blond shade will suit girls with gray, green and blue eyes.


Not going to leave the fashion arena and red hair color with a caramel or honey nuance. Stylish coloring seems to illuminate the skin, softens and rejuvenates the female image. A trendy shade is easy to get based on the original wheaten or light blond hair color.


The red nuance based on brown hair at first glance seems familiar and understandable, but upon closer examination it surprises with depth and nobility. Coloring looks natural and at the same time not boring.


Red hair with a bronze nuance will fit into a casual and business look and will not require tedious care. Exactly what is needed!


Golden tints also appear in hair coloring 2022-2023. Such nuances add to the image of cheerfulness and light.


Fashionable coloring 2022-2023 gravitates not only towards naturalness: there is a place for juicy shades in the trendy palette. So, a pumpkin tone will be a stylish solution, which transforms the appearance and enhances the expressiveness of facial features. Such coloring requires overflows and shine, therefore it fits well only on healthy and well-groomed curls.

Staining techniques

Hair coloring in red color 2023 is friends with trendy coloring techniques. Meet the photos of the most successful duets!

Hair coloring 2023 for medium length is revealed using the techniques of shatush and balayage. Trends familiar from previous seasons allow you to enhance the depth of color on the hair, add volume and dynamics.

Fashionable hair coloring 2023 for medium and long hair looks beautiful with highlighting the front strands. The rejuvenating and refreshing reception is in harmony with stepped haircuts.

The classic sombre technique with a smooth gradient is always in trend. Such coloring in the 2023 season is usually combined with soft natural shades.

Among the novelties of coloring 2023, we highlight the flambalajage technique, which is a close relative of the consonant technique. The key difference lies in the increase in sun glare, which guarantees additional volume and an expressive play of red.

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Who suits

Modern colorists boldly declare: red hair color suits almost everyone, if you correctly vary the saturation and depth of the shade.

So, fashionistas with a pale skin tone are incredibly trendy copper color with a pinkish undertone. The perfect color for a stylish transformation is easy to pick up among the golden palette.

Does your skin have an olive tint? Your stylish look for 2023 delights with red coloring with berry or plum undertones.

Bright and dark shades of coloring harmonize with warm skin. For example, inspiration for change in the 2023 season can be found among the copper palette.

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To choose the right red hair color, you can start experimenting with light coloring with a tint. Such a move will bring clarity to the need for change.

Red coloring 2022-2023 carries a great mood, kindness and confidence. Decide on a stylish change if you are not afraid to be in the spotlight and receive compliments regularly!

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