Red lipstick – tips for choosing and applying

Few women dare to use red lipstick, most prefer something neutral and discreet. But red lipstick is a classic that never goes out of style and adds elegance to any look. Despite the prevailing opinion, almost every woman can pick up a red lipstick of a shade that suits her.

Leading makeup artists believe that the red lipstick in your makeup bag is the equivalent of the “little black dress” in your wardrobe. Recall that in the 90s, red lipstick flashed here and there in glossy magazines, on the faces of top models Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer …

However, in order for red lipstick to look not vulgar and defiant, but elegant, it must be the “right” lipstick, which some of our tips will help you choose..

When buying lipstick, determine its hidden shade

Remember that the real shade of lipstick appears only on the lips. How can you find out what the real shade of lipstick is? Swipe a test tube over a sheet of white paper or, in extreme cases, along the back of your hand and see what other color do you see besides the main one? It is easier to see on white paper than on skin.

The tone of the lipstick should match the color of your face.

  • For a light or dark complexion with a pinkish tint, look for a cool-toned red lipstick with a pinkish or bluish tint, or a “real” bright red lipstick with no discernible tint. Avoid lipsticks with orange or peach undertones. The darker the tone of the face, the brighter or darker the lipstick can be.
  • For a light or dark face with a yellowish tint, you need a red lipstick in warm tones with a peach or orange tint. Avoid lipsticks with a bluish tint. The darker the tone of the face, the brighter or darker the lipstick can be.
  • For a swarthy face, a “real” red lipstick without distinguishable shades or with a brownish or burgundy tint is suitable. Avoid overly orange or pink lipsticks.
  • For the face of any shade. Most people wear red lipstick with a brownish tint, as a neutral brown color softens the brightness of the red.

To determine which – “warm” or “cool” – shades suit you best, look at the color of your complexion in natural daylight. If the skin has a pinkish tint, then cool colors that are based on blue will suit you. If your skin is more of a golden or peach undertone, then your colors are warm with a yellow base.

Pay attention to the color of your teeth

If your teeth are yellowish, discard lipsticks with an orange tint – it will only emphasize and deepen the yellowness. The good news is that any other shade of red lipstick will make your teeth appear whiter.

The rest of the makeup should be discreet.

In daytime makeup, red lips should be accompanied by a neutral natural face makeup without an emphasis on the eyes. This is especially true for blondes and brown-haired women. It is best to limit yourself to applying mascara only, and do not tint well-shaped clear eyebrows at all. For evening makeup with red lipstick, let’s focus on the eyes, but without color; use only black or brown.

Shiny or matte lipstick?

Everyone decides for himself. Moist, glossy lips are more fashionable, but matte lipstick lasts longer and doesn’t smudge. A glossy lipstick will look lighter on your lips, a matte lipstick will look brighter.

Use a neutral lip liner

The rule that the lip liner should match the color of the lipstick does not work for red shades. Choose a pencil that matches your actual lip color or hidden lipstick shade. Outline the outline, and then paint over the entire surface of the lips. Apply lipstick to your lips, including over a pencil. This is especially important if the lips are thin. So it will be easier for you to visually enlarge them.

Even more red

Red lipstick will look more elegant if the red color is repeated in your look: in accessories, jewelry, color inserts in clothes, in hair color and, of course, in red nail polish.

A few more recommendations

  • If your lips are flaky or cracked, set aside bright lipstick for a while. She will emphasize minor defects of the lips, and the image will be spoiled.
  • You will have to tint your lips more often – all the flaws on bright lips are very noticeable. Even if you just took a couple of sips of mineral water, check if your “beauty” has not been “eaten up”.
  • If your lips are too thin, a bright red tint will make them stand out more.
  • Excessively full lips can be masked using red lipstick in cold and brown shades.

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