Red manicure with design 2022

Red color has always been and will be in demand among fashionistas of different age categories. And this is not surprising, because on the nails it looks great. A bright, catchy shade personifies passion, assertive character, love of life. It helps to attract the attention of the opposite sex, encourages decisiveness. What red manicure design will look the most interesting in 2022? Let’s explore new and trendy ideas together.




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What shades are best combined with red lacquer?

Undoubtedly, red manicure is self-sufficient. He is able to transform even the most mediocre image, looks great on short nails. This color does not need additional “support” in the form of stickers, rhinestones and other decorative elements. Expensive, elegant, feminine – this is the motto of red manicure. And yet there are situations when the expressiveness of a bright color should be diluted. We will tell you which shades are best suited for this.


  • Black. Black and red nail art is a classic long recognized by millions of fashionistas. The two colors successfully complement and balance each other. However, in an ideal manicure, one of them should prevail. For example, apply graceful scarlet patterns on a monochrome black background or make a red jacket with a black thin line of a smile.


  • Grey. Not the most popular, but quite a viable combination. Gray is a beautiful shade in its own way, which skillfully emphasizes the status and good taste of a lady. Bright red patterns on a calm gray finish will be appropriate even in the office. They will enrich a discreet business outfit. Be sure to get to know this duet better.


  • White. A very positive tandem will turn out with white. Red and white nail art is a must-have for your nails this Valentine’s Day 2023. Charming scarlet hearts on a white background, declarations of love and “kisses” will cheer you up, set you in a romantic mood. However, a white and red design is also appropriate on ordinary days.


  • Yellow. Do you want to see a beautiful manicure on your nails? Then turn to the red-yellow tandem. If you are embarrassed that it will turn out to be too bright, choose shades that are calmer, especially since both the red and yellow palette allow this. Also add black or silver stripes to balance the design and make it more casual.


  • Gold. Red manicure 2022 with a gold design is no longer limited to the frilly monograms that were so popular a few seasons ago. Today he looks much more sophisticated. Instead of the ubiquitous glitter, the masters began to use foil and self-adhesive strips. Golden rhinestones also look very stylish on a red matte background.


  • Green. Looking for nail design ideas for New Year 2023? Then turn to the green-red duo, because it is a win-win. Draw spruce branches on a scarlet background, or vice versa, red balls on dark green. Add some silver glitter and white snowflakes to make the manicure just right for the festive mood.


  • Blue. This combination can be safely attributed to the fashion trends of the 2022-2023 season. Moreover, red and blue nail art will be relevant for both cold and warm seasons. With it you can go to the New Year’s party, and on vacation at sea. The main thing is to choose the right design. Interesting examples are shown in the photo below. Take note of them!


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But with purple red, which is popular today, you should not combine it in one manicure. The result will be too difficult to perceive.

Red manicure: design ideas-2022

For a long time it was believed that the red coating on the nails is suitable only for middle-aged and older women. Now this myth has been successfully dispelled, and all thanks to modern nail art techniques. Let’s talk about what’s trending today.

  • Slider design. The most suitable option for fashionistas who do not have time for handmade drawings. Bright creative stickers can be chosen for any image and any theme. Agree, very convenient? Nail art will end up being creative and highly likely unique.


  • Kamifubiki. One-color and multi-colored sequins, reminiscent of confetti, will look especially impressive on long nails. Focus them on one or two fingers to avoid overloading the design. This is one of the most suitable nail art ideas for New Year 2023.


  • negative space. A very popular technique today. Negative space seems to add air to the manicure, making it easier to perceive. To make red appear less intrusive, use this technique. Combine it with geometry or a moon jacket.


  • Minimalism. The absolute hit of autumn 2022. This manicure looks equally good on medium, long, oval, short, pointed and square nails. In a word, it is universal. Laconic drawings, thin stripes, neat dots on a monochrome red background – all this is a minimalist style.


  • gossamer. A thin elegant gossamer also looks good on a red background. Decorate with black or white “threads” the entire nail plate in its entirety or only part of it. The design will be self-sufficient. But if desired, it can be supplemented with rhinestones or laconic patterns with flowers.


What else can you try? The ombre technique is still relevant. The animalistic design, as well as various types of jacket, also looks interesting.



A special aesthetic in 2022 is a manicure in red with a design on almond-shaped nails. He looks bold, expensive, ambitious. This is chosen by real urban “predators”.

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