Is there a more glamorous manicure than red polished nails? Captivating and lively, this color attracts more attention, and this is scientifically proven. But if the red manicure has long proved its chic, it has recently been somewhat avoided, considered too simple in the face of the new hegemony of nail art.

Red manicure ideas 2023.

There are many ways to incorporate red into your nail art. The vibrant colors are perfect for Valentine’s Day, Weddings, Christmas, New Years or even just a regular Tuesday.

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square nails

Red square nails help create a modern and stylish look. Solid, french, geometric, which can be done with a combination of different shapes, such as triangles or circles. Negative space drawing that can be done by leaving part of the plate unpainted.


Simplicity is the best policy, and it works well with scarlet almond nail art.

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The best shape is oval. It will help make your fingers longer and thinner to balance the length of your palm. File the sides of your nails straight and carefully narrow the free edge into a semi-circle. The round shape looks elegant and also makes it easier to wear nails comfortably and for a long time, because it does not have sharp corners.


The stylet is long and pointed, with a rounding to the base in the form of a triangle. Long nails are a must for this dramatic style.

Classic red manicure

A classic manicure that can be done with a solid red lacquer or red gel.


Red French manicure with white tip and red base.


Red ombre design, where the fingers are painted with a gradient of red shades.

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with sequins

Red glitter nail art, which can be achieved by adding a glitter top coat to a red base or by mixing glitter with red polish.

With black

Red and black nail art that can be done with a red base and black details or vice versa.

With gold

A red and gold design that can be done with a red base and gold details or vice versa. The bold base color is enhanced by metallic. Choose gold glitter polish or glitter.

With white

Red and white nail art that can be done with a red base and white details or vice versa.

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With blue

Red and blue nails can create a bold and vibrant look. There are many ways to include both colors in your manicure. Some options include:

Red and blue ombre manicure, in which the nails are painted with a gradient of red and blue shades.

Red and blue French manicure with a blue tip and a red base. Nail art with red and blue glitter, which can be achieved by adding a glitter top coat to a red and blue base or by mixing glitter with red and blue polish.

A red and blue striped design that can be done with ribbon or a steady hand to create clean lines.

A red and blue geometric manicure using shapes such as triangles or squares for a modern look.
A red and blue polka dot design using white nail polish to create dots between red and blue.
A red and blue galaxy nail art that can be done with a mix of glitter, swirls and a navy blue base to create a galaxy effect.

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Pink and red nails can create a playful and romantic look.

Pink and scarlet ombre manicure – a gradient of pink and red shades. Pink and red glitter design. Pattern in pink and red stripes. Floral design that can be done with a small brush or stencils to create flowers or petals on nails.

A pink and red heart shaped design that can be done with a stencil or freehand drawing.

Pink, white and scarlet nail polish to create a candy effect. Pink, scarlet and black manicure that can be done with a rose red base and black details to create a contrast effect.

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With design

Bright nail designs can include many bright colors, patterns, and embellishments.
Popular options include neon or pastel shades, glitter, and geometric shapes. You can also add fun elements like fruits, flowers, or animals for a playful look.


There is something about playing with texture that is just mesmerizing and looks different. Matte nail art is just cool to the touch. There is nothing flashy about it, and that’s the point. However, that doesn’t mean matte nails can’t be fun or creative. There are endless ways to create a matte finish, from a simple solid color to blending multiple shades to create a marble effect.

For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day nails can be styled in a variety of ways to express love and affection. Some popular options include:

Red and pink are the traditional colors associated with Valentine’s Day.
Heart-shaped drawing, which can be achieved with a stencil or freehand drawing with a thin brush.

Love message nails that can be done with white nail polish and a thin brush to write a personal message or phrase.

Glitter nails that can add a touch of glitz and glam to your Valentine’s Day look.

Cupid-style nails that can be made with a picture of cupid or hearts.

Dark red

Dark red polish can create a sophisticated and elegant look.
Dark scarlet monochromatic manicure, which can be done with dark red varnish or gel.

A matte finish that can be achieved with a matte top coat or matte varnish. Nail art with dark red glitter.

With black lacquer, which can be done with a dark red base and black details, or vice versa.

Animal print

These claws are ferocious enough to take on the Tiger King himself. Animal print, namely tiger, will look interesting on such a bright base.


The crescent-shaped design will instantly update your familiar nail art. This manicure is often flaunted by celebrities and models who present new collections on the catwalks. Add some glitter or rhinestones to make it even more spectacular.

With flowers

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