Red New Year’s manicure

To all fashionistas in search of a spectacular New Year’s manicure, we dedicate this photo selection of designs with red at the head. They are so beautiful and stylish that they fall in love with them literally at first sight. It is impossible to resist and I want to make atmospheric nail art immediately. We offer you not to restrain yourself and decide on an incredible red manicure right now!

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We combine and win

We’ve got some ideas for you on how to play with a rich red hue in combination with other colors to create an impressive design.

  • The combo with blue is a traditional option for winter that always looks spectacular. This combination can be safely taken as a basis for creating various New Year’s patterns and drawings.

  • Beige paired with red does not pretend to be superior, it looks gentle and elegant. This tandem can become the basis of a discreet and feminine design.

  • A duet with white is already a classic of thematic New Year’s design. Light varnish plays great in contrast with red and enhances its brightness. This is a combination that is very hard to go wrong with. Therefore, if you are new to manicure, take it as the basis of your creativity.

  • A strong association with the New Year holiday is a combination with green hues. Shimmery textures in such a color palette look especially advantageous.

  • Your attention also deserves a luxurious combination with gold and silver. This is a great option for girls who dream of a chic manicure that will be the best accent in a festive look.

Idea #1

A chic festive dress does not always require a proper manicure. Sometimes a restrained red design is enough, which is beautiful in splendid isolation.

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Interesting! The secret to the success of such nail art is the right shade of varnish. And we know how to do it!


  • For snow whites with porcelain skin, we recommend choosing a cold red polish with a pronounced blue undertone. Self-sufficient dark cherry and juicy raspberry will also be successful.

Medium skin tone with a subtle tan is a reason to look for your perfect nail polish shade among bottles of rose red and coral. Another win-win option for you is gold decor on a red background.

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  • Red New Year’s nail design for owners of olive skin will include the brightest and juiciest shades. It can be a rich tomato or even tangerine with a red tint. When, if not in the New Year, to decide on the most daring ideas?!

Idea #2

Red lacquer always looks solemn and enchanting, and with the approach of the New Year, it easily turns into a thematic design. The atmosphere of this holiday dictates a shining and enchanting nail design. And this is where glitter comes to the rescue.

Any metal decor in nail art is a sure favorite of fashion trends for several seasons. Many predict that he will maintain leadership positions in 2019 as well. Therefore, you can safely use gold or silver glitter and enter the New Year on the wave of the main trends.

Idea #3

The traditional holiday delicacy is candy, which, of course, is made in red and white colors. And how do you like the idea of ​​\u200b\u200btransferring them to your manicure. With such a charming and cute design, a great Christmas mood is guaranteed.

Idea #4

For girls who want to kill 2 birds with one stone, or rather look beautiful and fashionable at the same time, we suggest adopting this idea. Geometric motifs are the hit of the season, which will definitely make friends with the New Year’s design.

Such nail art will not look too pretentious, but at the same time festive due to the red color palette. A double “wow” effect can be achieved by adding shiny elements to this manicure.

Idea #5

Foil as a decor for nail art is appropriate even in everyday design, but with the approach of your favorite holiday, it becomes a thematic decoration for manicure. In general, any manicure with sparkles is appropriate in the New Year’s look, because it creates the most faithful association with the festive atmosphere.

Idea #6

A knitted manicure in bright colors looks very cozy and winter-like. You can make it a couple of weeks before the holiday, because such a design boasts of its versatility. It is ideal for everyday nail art and at the same time looks elegant in a festive bow.

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Idea #7

If red polish in splendid isolation does not seem spectacular enough to you, add a scattering of rhinestones to it. You see, it’s a completely different matter!

Idea #8

Can anything look more festive and sweeter than New Year’s characters? They are often given the main role in creating beautiful nail art using a red palette.

Idea #9

Here is a manicure inspired by the incredible atmosphere of magic around your favorite childhood holiday. Snowflake designs always look so adorable that it’s hard to resist them.

Classic winter manicure

Idea #10

Saturated and cheerful shades of red are in themselves the epitome of a holiday. And if you add Christmas decorations or branches of a New Year’s tree to such a manicure, then you are guaranteed a magical mood.

Such a design is definitely doomed to success, because emerald and red are a win-win combination that always looks incomparable.

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Idea #11

Matte top + red color = a truly luxurious combination. Such a solution will look great on its own, but at the same time it will not mind a combination with various decor.

Kamifubuki will help you create the most festive mood in manicure. These are multi-colored confetti of various diameters that look very elegant, and in combination with a matte texture, they generally create an incredible effect.

An idea that has not yet become commonplace is a tandem of matte finish and marble design of individual nails. If you want nail art not like everyone else, then you will surely appreciate this option.

Original manicure

A game of contrasts will look very stylish, namely a combination of a matte finish with a glossy or shiny decor. You definitely won’t go wrong if you complement such a manicure with a spectacular rhinestone decor.

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Idea #12

What could be more elegant than the classics? So we believe that a jacket or its reverse version will always be a great idea for a red New Year’s manicure in 2019. These traditional techniques help girls out whenever they need to create a practical and discreet design.

But still, the red color turns the usual lunar and French manicure into a festive and spectacular nail art.

Idea #13

You can also experiment with red manicure combined with acrylic powder, velvet sand or folk. Look at the photo, how fascinating this design looks.

Idea #14

Long nails allow you to embody the most…

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