Retro style in clothes

As you know, everything in our life tends to repeat itself over time. Especially if it is something very memorable and of great interest to many people. You can often even hear that “everything new is, as a rule, well-forgotten old.” Fashion has the same tendencies. Today, it is no longer surprising for anyone that the retro style has been incredibly popular in clothing lately. The style of the charming Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich and other “retro beauties” can be found more and more often in stores and on TV screens. What is retro style? What clothes can be attributed to him?

It is enough to look at photographs from old magazines to understand that this was an era when women tried to emphasize their femininity, and a wide variety of dresses, skirts, trousers and shoes were a mandatory attribute in the wardrobe of every fashionista. It was a bright period that included the 20-70s of the XX century, filled with unusual creative ideas and a huge number of interesting fashion models.

Each decade of the “retro era” was distinguished by its unique feature and features in clothing. Every year brings something new and different.

The 20s of the twentieth century, the time of the emergence of ideas about the equality of men and women, gave the world short dresses and skirts, as well as the famous sleeveless dress with a low waist. Women of the 20s increasingly tried on men’s outfits, cutting off their hair and showing off in front of a mirror in a new image.

The 30s of the twentieth century – the time that shocked the fashion catwalks and broke the established moral foundations, the time of the brilliant fashion designers Coco and Schiaparelli, the time of combining brightness and classics. A little black dress from Coco, a black satin sheath dress with a snow-white jacket from an extraordinary Elsa, and to this day remain the standards of elegance.

The style of the 40s and 50s was marked by a desire for elegance. Femininity came back into fashion, and with it dresses with a fitted bodice or a luxurious neckline, puffy skirts and, finally, capri pants. Pumps, handbags and hats made the image complete.

60-70 years – a period of unbridled morals, hippies and bright colors. Women’s trouser suits, colored Bermuda shorts, became the everyday wear of many beauties at that time.

As a result, we see that “retro” is a whole kaleidoscope of not only years, but also a variety of styles and preferences. This is an incompatible combination. These are experiments with fabrics, paints, patterns. On the one hand, this is classic femininity and elegance, and on the other hand, madness, rebelliousness, audacity and pressure. That is why for many years this style has not left the fashion scene. It is so versatile that it can suit every girl or woman.

Combining clothes from different eras, you can always create your own individual and unique image of a Stylish Thing. Adhering to this style, any girl will look graceful, elegant and feminine, attracting a lot of attention with her sophisticated sense of taste.

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