Return to basics or retro is back in fashion

It’s no secret that a pretty stripe, a traditional cut, a classic cage and other attributes of a well-forgotten old one can not only create a fresh and memorable, and most importantly original image for today, but also significantly help hide figure flaws.

Today, the classic black colors from Sonia Rykiel or the urban, slightly casual style of the Donna Karan fashion house are no longer relevant, because all the world’s catwalks are choking in a real stream of several psychedelic versions of the well-forgotten old.

In addition to the use of bright, somewhat defiant shades, inserts “under the linen” turned out to be quite relevant, although, for example, Galliano refused to confine himself to finishing and generally presented a new spring-summer collection, consisting entirely of hardly “wearable” outfits. Some works frankly resemble the products of a sex shop, but they are quite suitable for a club, party or photo set.

The house of Dior focuses on the lilac-violet range, but we don’t believe it too much, although the white-lilac stripe looks very impressive – visually lengthening the torso can make the owners of magnificent forms somewhat slimmer. It is important to understand that magnificent forms do not mean a weight of 200 kilos with a height of 150 centimeters.

Domestic Yudashkin, not bothering too much with what Paris dictates to us, decided not to bring his collection to the point of absurdity and finally gave out something quite worthwhile. Basically, these are dresses and jackets with “raised” shoulders – look at the photos of the outfits of the 80s and you will understand exactly what their elusive charm is, even for women with “non-model” parameters. Paradoxically, massive shoulders give some fragility to any figure and significantly “narrow” the waist.

Now, unfortunately, the late Alexander McQueen, in his last work, probably already felt something – the eighties loomed like a ghost in some accessories and directly in the appearance of models. So his collections did not deviate from the former classic lines, however, unusual hairstyles of models became a reminder of the dashing “regular” eighties – mohawks, painted in all conceivable colors.

Yes, the maestro didn’t forget about voluminous collars and chic frills, but it’s worth having McQueen’s clothes in your wardrobe only for special occasions – it’s more expensive to go out in this form, and in every sense.

Mr. Gauthier is still weird, does not recognize any fashion and steadily follows the motto “Everything by himself.” This time, this attitude can play with a designer who does not want to allocate a large place in his collection to synthetic, and even more so natural furs, which have been at their peak for the second year now.

Well, maybe some fashionistas will also follow in the footsteps of Jean Paul and not get too hung up on what might be alien to them.

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