Revitonika method: exercises for face and neck rejuvenation

In the struggle for eternal youth, various methods are used, among which the Revitonika method occupies a worthy place. The flaws of the body can be hidden under clothes, but a swollen face, eyelids hanging over the eyes, folds and creases on the face, an additional chin cannot be hidden by anything. We go for expensive procedures, decide on painful injections, risk our appearance under the knife of a plastic surgeon, but do not know that there is a natural, without violence against nature, a safe way to revive our face.

Assessment of age-related changes

The concept of sculptural fitness for the face and neck will help turn back time on your own by 10-15 years. According to the execution algorithm, Revitonika has no analogues in the world. The effect of the classes is comparable to the effect of surgical plastics only without side effects and complications. You can do Revitonics at any age, and the older the age, the brighter the result.

Women do not see the face for real, but perceive it as a blur. Tests help to determine the further algorithm of actions.

  • Test 1. Helps determine how low the eyebrow is. To do this, put a finger in any place under the eyebrow: in the center or the outer edge. The eyebrow moves all the way up. If it is strongly lowered, the finger flies up and describes circles due to the mobility of the tissues. Normally, the eyebrow should give elasticity.
  • Test 2. Determines the hidden deformations of the oval and puffiness. Tilt your head above the mirror parallel to the floor, wait 20 seconds. Parts of the face, obeying the laws of physics, begin to sag under the weight of the intercellular fluid. The test helps to notice which tissues sag towards the nose, swell or move. In this case, it is recommended to exclude moisturizing creams in the care.
  • Test 3. Detects an adequate musculoskeletal corset along the jaw line. Passing tightly with two fingers from the chin to the ear, the presence of muscle resistance in the form of reliefs, retractions, bulges that interfere with smooth penetration is checked. If the passage is not smooth in the places of the cheeks, then in the future, fleas will form here.

The opinion of the author of the methodology

Why engage in face fitness if photolaser therapy and super creams guarantee a rejuvenated appearance in a short period of time? The author of books on facial rejuvenation, Natalia Osminina, is the developer of facial fitness and the Revitonika method. The author is in a hurry to dispel illusions about cosmetic techniques and claims only a temporary improvement in the appearance of the face from the listed methods. According to N. Osminina, cosmetology has no true relation to facial skin rejuvenation. The developer is sure that cosmetology techniques lay the foundation for further aging. According to Revitonics, this is explained by the fact that it is not the skin that is considered the culprit of facial aging, but the muscles, the morphology of which changes due to stress throughout life.

Reasons for aging

Among the main causes of facial fading are:

  1. Muscle deformity.
  2. Reduced production of collagen fibers and loss of moisture.
  3. genetic predisposition.
  4. solar activity.
  5. Wrong posture.

The true cause of facial aging lies in the muscles. Skin aging is a secondary factor. By influencing the primary factors, we quickly get an amazing rejuvenation effect. Muscle distortion changes facial features in such a way that over time, the person in the photograph becomes unrecognizable compared to reality. As for wrinkles, they form at the sites of muscle spasm. The process is explained quite simply. Under the skin of the face is a whole system consisting of 29 bones and 70 muscles. With age, shrinking and shortening, the facial muscles pull the skin along. The dermal layer tries to resist the process, but eventually loses. Excess skin, unable to shrink, sags and breaks into a wrinkle.

Possibilities of Revitonics

As a result of performing exercises according to the Revitonika method, the oval acquires a clear contour, wrinkles are smoothed out, the nasolabial areas are restored, and the skin texture changes.

A young look is given by 3 components of Revitonics:

  1. Improved blood flow, restoring a healthy complexion and turgor.
  2. Good lymph flow and drainage, eliminate swelling.
  3. Leveling spasms, clamps on the face and neck ensures an even distribution of tissues.

With the help of hands, the chin area is modeled, the oval is restored, the high position of the cheekbones, the young jaw line returns, the overhanging of the eyebrow and upper eyelid is eliminated. Such results can be obtained in a period of 3 weeks to 4 months.

The Revitonika method allows you to:

  • regulate and restore the anatomical shape of the muscular corset;
  • relax the muscles of the face;
  • remove muscle tension.

Vertical wrinkles on the forehead between the eyebrows are difficult to work out. The zone requires a long period of training with approaches 2-3 times a day. Eliminating wrinkles, you can only control their appearance. A couple of times a week will suffice. Nasolabial folds behave differently: once they are removed, they will not appear again.


All principles of the Revitonics method are based on alternative osteopathy and bioengineering. They proclaim that:

  1. The body is one.
  2. The body has the ability to heal itself.

Acquaintance with the principles of Revitonics, getting answers to questions takes place in a comfortable home environment online. By joining free webinars, it is possible to complete a full course of face and neck rehabilitation under the guidance of a trainer.

Common misconceptions

Revitonika reminds: to stay young, it is essential to work with muscles. Muscles are an organ capable of self-regeneration, and blood contains all regenerating agents and nutrients. In the fight against aging, it seems strange to work on the body, but the face is often exposed to chemicals based on antioxidants, retinol, tretinoin.

There is another misconception that facial aerobics builds muscles. The postulate that muscles weaken is wrong. In fact, facial muscles cannot be built up like biceps or deltas. In addition, it is harmful, since wrinkles and creases appear in places of muscle spasm. Muscles, pumped up by exercises or grimaces, are pulled together from their attachment points, spasm more, nasolabial folds increase, sagging. The rehabilitation period from such practices is long, and it can be difficult to save a face.

Practical exercises

Revitonics techniques are simple and affordable.

A technique that allows you to determine and level the presence of facial spasm. It is performed in the “O” position. In this case, the lips should be stretched, interpreting the sound “o”. Wetting movements, following along the ear down, palpate the muscles. There is a possibility of discomfort and pain, which indicates the development …

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