Ribbed, wavy and uneven fingernails: causes and treatment

One of the most common problems of girls are thin and brittle nails. However, even nails that are not exfoliating and strong at first glance can cause anxiety and aesthetic discomfort and be a symptom of serious health problems. One of these problems is uneven and wavy nails.

Unlike brittle nails, the causes of waviness of nails are much larger and more diverse, and you need to eliminate them first of all, and then deal with the result of these causes.

Why do waves and bumps appear on the nails?

  1. Most often, irregularities on the nails appear as a result of injuries, improperly performed manicure and extensions. Irregularities of toenails can form due to tight and uncomfortable shoes. Simply put, such deformations appear due to strong pressure on the nail plate. If such an impact was not strong, then as the nail grows, the uneven area will be removed sooner or later. If the pressure on the nail was strong, and the injury was deep, then the unevenness of the nail may remain forever. If the unexpected appearance of irregularities due to mechanical impact on the nail plate is excluded, then a specialist consultation is necessary.
  2. Sometimes the waviness and ugly shape of the nails can be genetically programmed and inherited. In this case, it remains only to carefully monitor the condition of your nails, using special vitamin-mineral complexes and, with the help of a manicure, give your nails a beautiful look.
  3. Sometimes waviness of the nails can occur due to malnutrition and lack of vitamins. As a rule, the skin, hair and nails are the first to signal a lack of vitamins. Also, deformation of the nail plate can occur due to a lack of moisture in the body and when taking certain medications.
  4. Nails can change shape, color, texture due to fungal infections. The appearance of waves on the nails and discoloration as a result of infection is accompanied by the same unpleasant sensations as itching around and under the nail plate.
  5. Nails become uneven due to malfunctions in the body and with certain diseases. Usually due to malfunctions in the digestive system, thyroid gland, iron deficiency. Waviness of the nails can accompany diabetes and respiratory diseases. Vertical stripes on the nails appear due to problems with the gastrointestinal tract, horizontal ones signal a hormonal imbalance and metabolic problems.


Nail fungus

I would like to single out the problem of nail fungus, because this is one of the most common diseases that can lead to ribbing and waves of nails. Patients are aware of serious health problems and treat them by contacting specialists. Mechanical damage to the nail and a lack of vitamins and other elements can somehow, sooner or later, eliminate itself, but patients treat a fungal infection lightly and often self-medicate, harming themselves.

Nail fungus literally destroys the nail plate and as a result of this particular disease, a wavy surface of the nail is most often formed. Therefore, at the first signs of this disease, you need to consult a doctor who will select the correct and gentle treatment. It is necessary to follow all the recommendations of a specialist and strictly follow the course of treatment and the use of prescribed drugs, even if the ailment has already receded and the symptoms are relieved.

How to deal with uneven nails

In addition to the treatment that a specialist will prescribe to eliminate the problem from the inside, you can also do procedures aimed at eliminating problems from the outside.

  1. Using a good, better with a healing effect, base for nails and a high-quality color coating will help to visually hide the bumps on the nails. If the absence of a varnish coating on the nails does not frighten and does not bring moral discomfort, then it is better to refuse frequent painting of the nails in order to allow them to rest and use therapeutic agents as food for the nails from the outside.
  2. An experienced manicurist can make nails smoother. For example, a Japanese manicure can give a tangible result. You can carry out similar procedures on your own, but it is better not to take risks, so that, in case of insufficient knowledge and experience, on the contrary, the situation will not aggravate. It is also worth switching to a European, unedged manicure.
  3. You can drink a course of vitamins specifically for nails.
  4. Regular baths with sea salt, as well as essential and vegetable oils, will help strengthen and restore healthy nails.
  5. Regular use of oils and creams for nails and cuticles will help moisturize and improve the condition of the nail plate, cuticles.
  6. Cleaning, gardening and the like are best done with special gloves to protect the nails and skin of the hands from the adverse effects of household chemicals and excessive moisture.


How to quickly achieve visual improvements in the condition of nails?

If the ribbing and waviness of the nails appeared as a result of mechanical damage or the internal problems of the body that caused such a defect have already been resolved, then in order to quickly get rid of uneven areas of the nail plate, it is necessary to accelerate its growth. First, you need to ensure the production of keratin by the body. It is worth drinking a course of the keratin complex and eating aspic and jelly. To stimulate the growth of nails, you can make a mask of a nourishing cream with the addition of red pepper. You can massage gently, without strong pressure, nails and the skin around the nails. For such a massage, you can use olive or any other base oil with the addition of mint, eucalyptus or menthol essential oil.

Mythical ways to get rid of bumps on the nails

  • Nail extension will not get rid of the problem, but only mask it, but it can also worsen the situation;
  • Polishing the nails removes only the top dead layer from the nails, while not leveling the waves on the nails, especially the deep ones;
  • It is impossible to get rid of irregularities on the nails in a short time and there is no such remedy in a couple of days after the application of which the problem will disappear and the nail will become even.


From all of the above, it follows that ribbed and uneven nails are not only an aesthetic defect, but a serious signal of problems in the body and the following measures should be taken:

  • first of all, you should immediately seek the advice of a specialist, although a manicurist for a start;
  • treatment of this problem is carried out in a complex, only in this case it is possible to achieve results. To begin with, the cause that comes most often from the inside is eliminated, and then the external defect ….

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