Rubbing: ideas for manicure

In 2018, a rubbed manicure broke all records of popularity. Fashionistas of all ages liked this unusual design so much that next season it is expected to be even more in demand. As you know, with the help of rubbing gel polish on nails, you can create a variety of effects: mirror, mother-of-pearl, metallic sheen, 3D, overflows, etc. Agree, sounds tempting? And it looks even better! So, if you have never resorted to this nail art, it’s time to get to know him better.


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What is nail polish and what are its benefits?

To begin with, let’s figure out what is rubbing? In fact, everything is simple here: it is the lightest powder, which is rubbed with a soft pad into the non-sticky surface of the top, which can be acrylic, ordinary varnish or gel polish. Hence, in fact, the name of this design came from. You can buy powder in any specialized store and apply at home, on your own. No special skill is required for this.

Beautiful manicure with rubbing

As for the advantages of this nail art, they are definitely on the face.

  • Ease of application. As we said above, rubbing can be done quickly and easily on your own, without resorting to the services of craftsmen.
  • Persistence. The coating can stay on the nail plate for more than three weeks.
  • Ease of removal. You will not need any special means to remove the annoying pigment. Use regular nail polish remover.

Rubbing technique

  • Manifold. Even with the same rub, you can get several different manicure options at once, because depending on the change in shade or top varnish, the final result will also change.
  • The rubbing looks quite relevant on both long and short nails. In addition, you can use it in tandem with a matte finish. Naturally, matte varnish should cover only neighboring nails, and as a top coat it is completely unsuitable.

Rubbing on almond-shaped nails

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! In order for the rub to look perfect on the nails, it is necessary to properly polish the surface of the plate, otherwise the brilliant pigment will immediately reveal all the bumps and imperfections. In addition, in order for the powder to really give a deep shine, do not spare it, but rub it in generous, even portions. [/stextbox]

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The most popular types of rubs

Now let’s move on to the most interesting – actual ideas for a manicure with a rub of the season 2018, in addition, you will find a selection of photos that will clearly demonstrate the beauty of the design we are describing. So let’s get started.

Stylish variations of marigolds with rubbing

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Mirror rub

One of the earliest and brightest representatives of this type of nail art. The most popular here are noble metallic shades: gold, copper, bronze. But, among the still very young women of fashion, a mirror rub in a bright color palette is in great demand. For example, various variations of blue, purple, green, red and yellow.

[stextbox id=’info’]

Important! A manicure in the form of a mirror rub must be handled very carefully. After all, any minor scratch will immediately spoil its whole appearance.


Pearl powder

It is simply impossible to convey how fashionable mother-of-pearl shiny nail art turned out to be in 2018. And is it worth talking about it at all. Just take a look at the photo. They clearly demonstrate all the femininity, elegance, tenderness, non-triviality and romance of this manicure. And, of course, this design has become the most popular among brides all over the world. The girls willingly applied pearl glitter to their nails and even matched their images to it.

[stextbox id=’info’]

Important! To make the pearl rub manicure look the most advantageous, give your nails a neat oval or almond shape. The free edge should be 6-7 millimeters.



Or a manicure with a 3D effect. A very popular fashion trend today, which has found a wide response from fashionistas. Powder, designed to obtain a deep 3D effect, is the smallest of the entire range, but at the same time, it is quite economical in application. In addition, it is quite possible to play with flowers here. For example, when using a dark top (black or dark blue), the final shade will be very saturated. But with a light substrate, you will achieve more overflows.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! The drying time of the top coat must be controlled to the nearest second. After all, if it is too dry, then the powder on the surface simply will not hold. [/stextbox]

Rub-chameleon or May beetle

This is a relative novelty in this type of nail art, and therefore, we will tell you more about it. So, the main feature of the chameleon is the change of color depending on the lighting. More specifically, on one nail the same rub can shimmer from green to purple. Also, the shade of the top is of great importance here. Based on what you choose, the cockchafer will turn out to be rich dark or, on the contrary, muted. Actually, the name of this manicure is what it is because it visually resembles the shell of this insect.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! By itself, the powder intended for the chameleon effect has a beige, gray or yellowish tint and, at first glance, cannot give such a deep and rich color. But, this impression is erroneous. After application, the rub acquires exactly the shade that was declared on the package. [/stextbox]

Manicure with rubbing “chameleon”

Gel polish and rub-chrome

Another fashion trend that will fully enter into circulation only in 2019. What is the difference between a chrome rub and the usual mirror one, because outwardly they are somewhat similar? It turns out, in the absence of brilliance. Pay attention to the photo of chrome manicure with gel polish. There are no usual overflows and reflective effect. Everything is more restrained and concise. And only depending on the substrate, the final color can turn out either light and soft, or dark catchy.

Chrome gel polish

Holographic rubbing in silver tones

This is a very relevant nail art today, as it looks especially impressive in winter. To create a stunning holographic manicure, powder containing a silver pigment is used. It looks universal with any top, but it is best revealed on a black and white substrate.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Silvery overflows will also appeal to the Earth Pig – a symbol of the coming 2019. So, feel free to choose this idea for a New Year’s manicure.

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