Rules for choosing a hair dryer brush

When planning to buy a Babyliss hair dryer or choose a similar model created by other manufacturing companies, you should carefully study the options for choosing these products.

Not every lady can afford to resort to the services of a hairdresser every day to create a beautiful styling. At the same time, the desire to amaze and delight others is characteristic of all women without exception. And today it is realistic to achieve this goal like never before – you just need to purchase a styler or a hair dryer brush for yourself.

This device is able to provide its owner with a successful combination of the function of drying hair and their simultaneous styling. This possibility is achieved through the use of various nozzles designed for straightening or curling. And an additional advantage of these devices is their ability to run on batteries, which allows you to use stylers even on a trip.

When choosing the device in question, it is necessary to pay special attention to its power, which affects the intensity of heating and the air flow itself. Ideally, the styler should maintain a temperature that reaches 60 degrees, gaining it in a maximum of 2 minutes. It is also worth considering that the hot air flow will allow you to quickly dry your hair, it is best to use a warm “breeze” for styling, and a cold one to fix the result.

Equally important is the possibility of steam release, infrared heaters that will prevent overdrying of the strands, as well as an ionization mode that can remove static stress from the hair.

Such a quality as the functionality of the styler is greatly influenced by the number of nozzles that come with it. For example, those who are interested in the extensive equipment of the device in question can be recommended to buy a Babyliss hair dryer or choose a model similar to it, created by other manufacturing companies. In the standard version, 2-4 nozzles are attached to the styler. And the maximum number of accessories is 6.

In order to determine the list of nozzles you need, you should clarify their purpose:

  • universal round plastic brush creates curls;
  • a convenient comb allows you to give the strands additional volume, and even at the drying stage;
  • rounded brush with natural bristles guarantees more shine to the hairstyle;
  • special brushes, characterized by movable teeth, are designed to create even curls;
  • “half” rounded brush allows you to straighten the perm;
  • a variety of forceps create curls of the desired size.

The choice is yours!

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