Rules for choosing your own style

Any woman, girl strives to emphasize her individuality. To do this, you need to decide on your style of clothing. Now there is a huge variety of trends in fashion and style.

To make your image attractive, you need to follow a few rules in choosing your style:

  1. Define yourself. Look in the mirror and smile. Love yourself and your image.
  2. Explore your inner world. Choose a style for your character.
  3. Choose clothes based on the features of your figure.
  4. When buying things, discard clothes that do not suit you in terms of color, size and things that do not fit you well.
  5. Try to match things up. Avoid wearing contrasting fabrics.
  6. One of the main rules is the right choice of underwear. It should fit you perfectly.
  7. Wear accessories. They will give your image a “zest”.
  8. Visit the hairdresser regularly. Take care of the condition of your nails.
  9. Shoes should match with clothes.
  10. Be feminine in everything: in your walk, in your gestures, in your manner of speaking.

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