Rules for layering in clothes 2020

Rules for layering in clothes 2020 have undergone some changes, and we consider it our duty to tell our readers about them. Take note of fresh ideas and be sure to put them into practice!

Basic Rules

Similar palette

Fashion trends The 2020 season welcomes the use of related shades within the same image. This technique can be successfully applied in multilayer ensembles!

To make the right combination of colors in the image, you can pick up things of different shades of the same color. You can also bet on the key tone and apply it in several elements of the outfit – so the whole image will be stylistically rhymed.

Another relevant technique is the contrast of the topmost layer and the almost exact match of the shades of the rest of the elements of the image.

Emphasis on the waist

Fall 2020 layering does not at all call for abandoning the feminine silhouette in the image and making a choice in favor of volume and baggy. On the contrary, stylists have come up with a new rule, which says that in order for the figure not to look massive, the emphasis on the waist should definitely be included in the image.

The most obvious way to implement this recommendation is the use of belts and belts. You can also create a layered ensemble at the top and tuck it in at the bottom for a high-rise fit. For example, a cardigan in combination with a turtleneck looks cool in the company of trousers with a belt at the waist.

If you want to add peppercorns to your autumn bow, you can emphasize your beautiful figure with a corset. In summer, this novelty easily replaced T-shirts and tops, but with the advent of cold weather, it can serve as an intermediate layer between a blouse or dress and outerwear. The new rule will allow women of fashion to designate the silhouette of the figure and give the stylish image sharpness and expressiveness.

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For a trendy waistline in a layered ensemble, you can also opt for cropped tops. For lack of those, we suggest arming yourself with scissors and embodying a fashionable fit yourself – besides, the sloppy raw edge is still in trend.

Casual style

Layering in clothes in the 2020 season, it closely borders on another significant trend – slight negligence. You can show the last quality by any means. For example, if you like to use a shirt as the base layer in your look, now you can casually straighten one of its edges or do not fasten the buttons.

Men’s things

If it seems to you that you have already tried all the known methods of layering with your clothes, you can smoothly move into the wardrobe of a young man – you will surely find a lot of interesting things there! For example, many guys like to wear thick flannel shirts during the cold season. In 2020, girls get this element – they know better how to beat it in multi-layered ensembles.

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Contrast collar

Fashion 2020 The season also offers charming contrasting collars that can become a stylish highlight of a multi-layered look. Fashionistas still love to use the classic shirt and sweater combination – and due to the contrast, it looks fresher and more interesting.

Outerwear combination

New trend in the world of layering the 2020 season is a combination of several items of outerwear at once. A great novelty for girls who are constantly cold!

At first, this idea may seem absurd to you, but do not be so categorical – a vest under a coat or a cape worn over a raincoat look extremely stylish. The easiest experiment for the first attempts is the combination of a light quilted jacket with a coat. Practical and fashionable!

The tandem of a trendy leather jacket with a classic coat has also been adopted by many fashionistas. Join them too!

A denim jacket often acts as a full-fledged participant in a multi-layered composition in the 2020 season – fashionistas love to combine it with a jacket, coat, leather or puffy jacket. Luckily, classic denim is pretty versatile in its combinations.


Rules for layering in clothes 2020 season they say – the final layer should be fairly loose. The most accurate hit on the trends will be the choice of the latest oversized clothes. For example, you can opt for a shirt, denim jacket, trench coat or puffy jacket in the most fashionable expression of the season. The rest of the layers can be quite adjacent.

Layer restrictions

Stylists emphasize that the number of layers in a fashionable look should be limited to four – if you play too much, you can get too baggy and overloaded bow. In addition, busting with layers usually causes discomfort. In autumn, the classic technique is the use of two layers in the main image and the addition of the created combination of outerwear.

Shader combinations

Combining different textures will help to make a multi-layered bow as stylish and relevant as possible. For example, you can combine cotton, denim and knitwear, as well as wool, leather and silk in one set. If you doubt your ability to combine different fabrics, use ready-made formulas for winning combinations.

It’s great if different textures in the image contrast not only in color, but also in mood. For example, emphatically delicate and feminine details work great in tandem with rough and textured materials. A classic example is the union of lace and leather.

At the same time, stylists give one more recommendation, which will allow you not to make a mistake when drawing up a fashionable image – it should be collected from the thinnest layer. So, a top shirt with lace can serve as the very base of the bow, then a shirt is put on it, a sweater made of corrugated knitwear is put on top, then a coat, and a voluminous scarf completes the outfit. Thus, the density of each subsequent layer increases and the image looks modern and harmonious.

Caution with accents

The main mission of jewelry is to place accents and make women’s outfit more expressive. But, you see, multi-layer ensembles do not have these qualities, because they always feature several active details.

Accordingly, with jewelry in such an image, you should be careful not to overload the final outfit. For example, if you think that the weather allows you to do without a scarf, you can wear an elegant contrasting bracelet instead. If you can’t go anywhere without a warm accessory, then in this case it’s better to limit yourself to neutral jewelry.

Stylish Examples

To ensure that the information presented is really deposited in your head on the shelves, we bring to your attention ready-made examples of stylish multi-layered images. You can completely copy and (we won’t tell anyone!) or take the basic rules and play with them in your own way.

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