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Rules of seduction: 5 current styles of lingerie for 2020

Women’s underwear is a part of the wardrobe, which is important to pay special attention to. And do not think that it is intended only for intimate relationships. In everyday life, luxurious underwear plays an important role in the psychological state of a girl or woman. Comfortable underwear gives coziness and comfort. Fashion dictates strict rules, so every lady should know what lingerie is in trend right now.



The bra is the main part of the women’s outfit, because its shape affects how the clothes “sit down”.

Popular styles of bras for 2020

  1. Classical. The model has always been and remains in trend. The cups of the presented style completely cover the chest, which is very comfortable, since the chest is provided with sufficient support.

Classic bra

  1. Push-up is in second place. The model raises the chest and pushes forward a little. Suitable for everyone, except for ladies with a magnificent bust.

Push up

  1. Angelica. Model with horizontal stripes and strongly open cups. The straps are detachable. The style is very popular among women, as it lifts the chest.


  1. Minimizer bra is just a godsend for girls with a large bust. Thanks to the special design of the chest, good support is provided, which minimizes the load on the spine.

Minimizer bra

  1. Bando. The creative name given to the bra, which is a strip of strapless fabric.


It is important to choose a bra in size to be comfortable.

Women’s panties

Among the large selection of styles and models in 2020, the most popular are:

  • Slips. considered the traditional model. Slips can be used both in everyday wear and in terms of seduction. High-waisted panties have a corrective effect.


  • Thong. Perhaps the most outspoken model. The thong does not cover the buttocks.


  • Tanga. The style resembles slips, only the side placket looks narrow, made of a strip of fabric or elastic.


  • Brazil. They are a cross between thong panties and slips. The model is new, appeared relatively recently, but has already won the hearts of girls. The model is comfortable to wear, despite the fact that the Brazilian partly opens the buttocks.


  • Shorts. The line is represented by classic shorts, heisters, thong shorts and boxers.


Properly selected lingerie will not only emphasize the beauty of the body, but also allow every girl to be sensual and bold. Seductive lingerie will help realize your innermost fantasies.

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