Running for weight loss

There are two fundamentally different views on running for weight loss. Some advocate long workouts at a slow pace, others advise “sprint” distances.

In the first case, we load the body not much, but for a long time. That is, the process of fat burning begins and slowly continues until the end of the workout. But there is one feature: after aerobic training, fat is burned for some time. It is possible to choose short distances at maximum speed, followed by rest. During breaks between such races, the process of losing weight will not stop.

Since everyone’s body is different, everyone will choose for themselves. We will consider the basic rules that will speed up the process of losing weight while running in both cases.

The most important thing when running for weight loss is breathing. It is important for the simple reason that fat is burned only in the presence of oxygen. In addition, with proper breathing, you can run much more and not be so tired. Running is one of the aerobic exercises from which you lose weight the fastest, which means that breathing is the main component of proper running.

Whatever running style you choose, jogging or sprinting, try not to eat 30-60 minutes before your workout, and the same amount after it. If you come to practice right after lunch. You will have a very hard time doing it. While running on a full stomach, it will be hard for you to breathe in the first place, and without proper breathing, as we already know, running for weight loss will turn into pumping up muscles. After you have run your distance, fat burning continues for about one more hour. That is, for your body, the training has not yet come to an end, which means that you should not load it with food right away.

Be careful with your choice of clothing. Good athletic shape will last much longer and make your run easier. You need clothes that will “breathe” so that you don’t feel like you’re in a bath while you run. Separately, it should also be said about shoes. If it is not comfortable, then there is a possibility of injury or sprain. Buy shoes made specifically for running.

By the way, if possible, choose a stadium with a rubber coating or running along a forest path. The asphalt is too hard for long workouts, and constantly aching shins will discourage you from going any further.

When it comes to sports supplements and fat burners, there is no universal advice. Everyone should choose them for themselves on their own, and even better – on the advice of a personal trainer. Remember that any supplements will not replace your workouts – they will only be effective if they serve as an additional stimulant for weight loss.

So that the muscles do not clog and the skin remains taut, do not forget to take some time to stretch after running. It is worth stretching not only the legs, but also the back. Breathe deeply while stretching, then oxygen will flow into the muscles, and fat will be burned more actively.

And finally, it should be said about the time of day for running. Here, too, opinions differ. Morning or evening, it’s up to you. It depends solely on your personal biorhythm, daily schedule and preferences. If morning jogging turns into hell for you, then you should not torture yourself and curse everything in the world to do. Any training, especially if it is a run aimed at losing weight, should be a joy, otherwise they will not achieve their goal. If you like to meet the dawn at the stadium – good. If you prefer sunset, do it in the evening, the benefits of this will be no less.

Run with pleasure!

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