Salt body scrub with your own hands at home

Scrubbing is a fundamental procedure for cleansing, renewing and rejuvenating the skin. It is the base on the way to the beauty and youth of our skin. The first mention of the use of scrubs dates back to the period of Ancient Egypt, where special mixtures of silt, ash and clay, crushed alabaster and honey were prepared for cleansing.

Currently, perhaps the most famous and effective is the salt scrub procedure, which is based on salt mixed with various beneficial additives. This procedure is offered to its clients by elite spas, numerous beauty parlors, but you can regularly pamper yourself with it at home. It will not be particularly difficult for every girl and woman to independently perform this beauty procedure in her bathroom, because the necessary components are almost always at hand at home, and additional components (for example, essential oils) can be easily purchased at pharmacies and specialized cosmetic stores. The effect of scrubbing performed on your own is in no way inferior to the result of expensive salon procedures.

Healing effect of the procedure

With the help of home scrubbing (peeling) with salt, you can achieve amazing cosmetic results: the skin is evened out, it becomes renewed, velvety, soft and incredibly smooth. And such an effect occurs after the first procedure, because when scrubbing, dead particles of the epidermis are removed, a kind of “polishing” of the skin occurs. The skin is renewed, begins to “breathe”. Performing this “polishing”, we simultaneously conduct a mini massage session, which improves blood microcirculation in the upper layers of the skin, rejuvenates it, improves tone and removes excess fluid. Thus, a lifting effect is achieved.

Home salt scrub helps to fight the signs of cellulite, tightens the skin after losing weight, so this tool should be included in the regular set of procedures for those who lose weight. It will be a reliable assistant in the fight against cellulite, removing excess fluid from the skin tissues, and an effective preventive measure that prevents the appearance of stretch marks and loss of skin tone after a sharp weight loss. Indeed, often the joy of lost kilograms is overshadowed by the unpleasant problem of “sagging” skin. This trouble is easier to prevent by carrying out the necessary care during the diet than to eliminate unaesthetic consequences later. The course of home scrubbing with salt for weight loss or skin tightening after – 2 procedures a week for a month.


Salt scrubbing also has another positive property: it is an excellent prevention of ingrown hairs after depilation. 1 procedure per week is enough – and the problem of ingrown hairs will not bother you.

By conducting home scrubbing with salt in a bath or sauna, you can repeatedly enhance the healing result of the procedure and enjoy an aromatherapy session. In the steam room, we inhale salt ions (and therefore useful microelements) and essential oils that are part of the salt mixture, thus providing a beneficial effect of aromatherapy on the respiratory system, nervous system and the whole body as a whole.

What salt to choose for home scrub

For the scrubbing procedure at home, you can use ordinary edible salt. But sea salt will give the skin a much better cosmetic and healing effect, since it is simply a storehouse of useful substances. It contains the most valuable minerals and trace elements for the health and beauty of our skin, such as:

  • magnesium,
  • calcium,
  • iodine,
  • selenium,
  • potassium,
  • bromine
  • zinc and many others.

When scrubbing, these microelements penetrate the skin, saturate it and heal it.

If the salt particles are too large, then it should be crushed a little further by scrolling in a blender so that coarse large grains do not scratch or injure the epidermis layer during the scrubbing process. Fine edible salt will not have the desired exfoliating effect, partially dissolving in the oil, so it is better not to use it.


Salt Scrub Recipes

Preparing a scrub mixture is very simple. The basis will be salt and any natural vegetable oil. Almond oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, coconut oil have an excellent nourishing and moisturizing effect. Since coconut is quite solid in consistency, it must first be melted. The required amount is determined by eye: the consistency of the scrub should be mushy, oily, fairly uniform and dense. It is important not to overdo it with oil, so that the abrasive particles of salt do not “drown” in it. For a complete scrub body 1/2 cup salt is enough. If the mixture remains after the procedure, you can store it in a jar with a tight lid in the refrigerator until the next time. But it is better to use a freshly prepared mixture for each procedure.

After thoroughly mixing the salt and oil, add a few drops of essential oils to the mixture. To achieve an anti-cellulite result, grapefruit, orange, rosemary, and cinnamon oils are perfect. Ylang-ylang essential oil is an indispensable tool for softening and nourishing the skin. Basil, ginger, verbena, and cloves oils have pronounced tonic and regenerating properties.

To enhance the lifting effect, you can add 2 tablespoons of sleeping coffee grounds to the salt mixture. As you know, coffee gives an amazing tonic effect, will help restore skin tone and tighten it.

For additional softening and nutrition of the skin, oatmeal crushed in a blender is added to the salt mixture. Enough 1-2 tablespoons.

A mixture of salt, oils and blue clay will give an excellent anti-cellulite result.

A tablespoon of honey added to the salt scrub mixture will additionally saturate the skin with useful trace elements, moisturize and have a rejuvenating effect.


How to properly scrub at home

The scrub procedure is performed on clean, damp skin (after a bath or shower). With massaging circular movements, we begin to process the feet, legs, hips, gradually rising up. The décolleté area should be massaged carefully and delicately, as the skin in the chest area is very thin. Particular attention should be paid to the elbows and knees. Areas prone to cellulite (thighs, buttocks, forearms) are massaged most actively and for a long time in order to cause blood flow to these areas. Then rinse the mixture thoroughly in the shower. After the procedure, a moisturizer or milk should be applied to the skin of the body.

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