Sandals with heels 2019: novelties and trends

Which heeled sandals have become the most trendy in 2019 and what have famous designers prepared for us? The summer season is approaching, so it’s time to think about choosing fashionable stylish shoes that will add zest to your looks. And models with heels should be present in the wardrobe of every fashionista – because they add femininity and elegance to bows.


Understanding trends

Summer is really hard to imagine without heeled sandals – they always emphasize the beauty of women’s legs and help create the most stunning looks. Let’s look at the most current fashion trends of the 2019 season – to be the most stylish this year!

Material. This season, natural materials are in special esteem – leather (lacquered or matte), suede. They are more durable, and the foot will be comfortable in them. Sandals made of velvet or velor are also gaining popularity. They look very elegant and noble. Summer sandals made of fabric, which even the heel is made of, compete with them this season.

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Trendy colors and prints. Despite the fact that summer is the season of bright colors, pastel colors appear in the collections of this year. Pale pink, pale blue, lavender, peach, beige. All varieties of metallic shades are also relevant.

Do not lose relevance and classic shades. The fashion collections feature many sandals in black, white, brown and gray. Of the brighter tones, you should pay attention to yellow, orange, red, mint and purple.

Sandals with rich prints remain the most fashionable option. Animal colors have become a sensational trend – snakeskin, tiger, leopard. Floristry is not far behind – multi-colored, most often pastel floral motifs and patterns.

It is also worth paying attention to strict geometric patterns, especially those made in black and white. The cage, arranged in a checkerboard pattern, looks incredibly stylish. Such a contrast is sure to attract attention and is suitable even for a demanding business style.

Chloé; Dries Van Noten; Versace

By the way, the heel does not have to be the same shade as the toe. On the contrary, contrasting solutions are welcome.

Decor. In principle, any decor options that make your shoes stand out and unusual are welcome. These can be additional buckles, ribbons, borders, feathers, tassels or fringe. The decor made on the heel of the sandals looks very stylish. Embroidery is also in trend – ethnic or floral (usually performed on suede sandals).

Heel height varies according to your preference. It can be either a very low heel (2-3 cm) or a very high one (up to 12 cm) – it depends on the style you create and the reason to put on the heel.

The most current models

A mixture of styles, materials, prints, unusual heel shapes – fashionable eclecticism literally captured the catwalks. World couturiers never cease to amaze us with delightful novelties – fashionable heeled sandals in 2019 are presented in the most extraordinary, but very stylish solutions. We will present to your attention a selection of current models and supplement their photos.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! The health of your feet depends on the quality of sandals, especially those with heels. They should be not only fashionable and trendy, but also comfortable – with a stable block.[/stextbox]

  • Strappy heeled sandals became the main trend of this year. The T-shaped fastener, which firmly fixes the foot, is held in high esteem – such models are very comfortable. Also, the strap can be made in another version, coming from the back of the sandals. But be careful: short and full girls should be more careful with such shoes – the ankle clasp can break the proportionality of the figure.

  • Sandals with thick heels – another hit of the summer season. In such models, both elegance and comfort are always combined. They are always complemented by a comfortable shoe, even if you run all day in such sandals! A wide heel makes the foot even more elegant and allows fantasy to run wild – ideas for additional decor. It can be decorated with sequins, stones or embroidery. Particularly stylish models with thick heels are combined with a grooved sole.

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  • Lace-up sandals. Straps (lacing) can be thin, or they can be made in the form of wide ribbons – such models seem to resemble pointe shoes. At the top they are tied with a spectacular bow, but this decor also joined the ranks of the season’s trends. Lace-up models definitely add elegance to women’s legs and make any look very effective – both with cropped jeans and romantic dresses. There is one exception: such models are not suitable for not too tall girls, they further reduce their height.

  • Sandals with heels of an unusual geometric shape. In the photo you will see the most extraordinary options – a twisted, trapezoid, one-way curved heel. In the true tradition of cubism and futuristic performance. In more classic models, the heel simply expands to the bottom. They are very durable, so they are perfect for everyday wear. Also, the retro heel glass has returned to the trends – these sandals look very extravagant. Usually a glass heel does not exceed 3-4 centimeters and is also very stable.

  • Models with transparent inserts. Yes, they are still in trend – for several seasons now. Translucency has become a hit not only in clothes, but also in shoes. These trendy sandals are made of plastic, which gives them a very, very futuristic look. This design can be represented by a toe, heel, straps, or the whole thing. Be careful that the straps and toe do not squeeze the leg – under the transparent plastic it will be very noticeable.

  • Stiletto sandals also do not leave trends – they have definitely become classics. The hairpin has been and remains a weapon of female attractiveness and sandals are no exception. Moreover, a high hairpin has returned to the trends, sometimes causing a lot of inconvenience to its owner. Well, as they say – beauty requires sacrifice!

Elegant hairpin will make your look sophisticated

What to combine – fashionable images

Heeled sandals are versatile and perfect for any outfit. Whether it’s a casual look or an evening look, a look for a walk or a prom. Combine these shoes with dresses, sundresses, jeans, skirts. There are no special restrictions in the current fashion season, you can even wear them under short summer shorts to make your legs look infinitely long.

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By the way, a note to all fashionistas. At fashion weeks, images were presented with a combination of tight tights and sandals. And these combinations are built on contrast – sandals are usually of a classic color, and tights are of a catchy shade. Or…

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