Saucer diet: menu and what results to expect

Unfortunately, today many women have a problem of excess weight. It is necessary to fight it with the help of a proper balanced diet and regular sports activities. To quickly achieve the desired result, girls often choose different diets for themselves. There are many diet options available today. But when choosing, it is necessary to take into account what harm this or that diet can do to your health. One of the favorable diets is the “Saucer Diet!”.

Diet Benefits:

  • Helps to quickly lose weight.
  • Teaches healthy eating.
  • Does not limit the choice of products that are allowed for consumption;
  • The ability to stick to this diet for a long time.

Secrets and features of the diet

Diet “Saucer” is a very popular method of losing weight, even among famous women. She wins the hearts of women due to the fact that she allows you to eat whatever you want, only in small portions. Here is the secret of the “Saucer” – a separate and frequent meal.

It teaches us to enjoy food, every bite that has been eaten, makes us chew food more thoroughly and kills in us the bad habit of eating on the run. It is forbidden to arrange light snacks for yourself. If, nevertheless, you are tormented by the feeling of hunger, drink a glass of melt water. After all, water speeds up the metabolic process in the body and this also leads to weight loss.

The essence and periods of the weight loss system

The essence of this diet is that the meal should be divided into 4 times a day with an interval of no more than 4 hours. At the same time, portions should not be large and fit on a regular saucer. Do not deceive yourself and impose food with slides. Approximate serving size is 5-7 tablespoons. It should contain all the components of the meal (garnish, salad, meat or fish). Eat one saucer per meal. The duration of the diet depends on how quickly you get the desired result. The minimum period of time is from one to three months.

First period lasts from 2 to 4 weeks. During this time, the body gets used to the changed diet. The amount of food consumed to satiate is reduced. The biological clock of addiction is developed by the reception. There are no significant restrictions on products at this stage.

Second period lasts about a month. During this time, you will learn how to properly combine products for cooking. Choose healthy food for yourself, giving preference to natural products. During this period, snacks are allowed using fruits (excluding bananas, grapes), nuts and sour-milk products.

Duration third period depends on how much weight you want to achieve. Having learned to eat properly and fractionally, your body continues to fight excess weight on its own. During this period, you need to maintain this weight loss system. A positive result will give fasting days once a week.

Recommended diet menu “Saucer”

Breakfast. For breakfast, you can use the following products:

  • Porridge on the water
  • Low-fat cottage cheese
  • Boiled egg or flourless scrambled eggs
  • Black bread sandwich with hard cheese
  • Muesli with skim milk.

Menu for lunch includes:

  • Boiled non-fatty meat
  • A fresh vegetable salad
  • Vegetable soup,
  • Milk porridge

Dinner must be no later than 19.00. Allowed list of dishes:

  • Vegetable salad
  • Boiled or baked fish
  • A glass of kefir or yogurt
  • Low-fat cottage cheese
  • Legumes

For snacks allowed:

  • Fresh juices
  • Fruit
  • nuts
  • Dried fruits
  • Low fat dairy products
  • Fruit salad
  • Cracker
  • fruit puree

Recommendations when compiling the menu

  1. If you want to use something high-calorie, it is recommended to eat it in the morning.
  2. Refuse mayonnaise, margarine, butter.
  3. Replace coffee with green tea.
  4. Eliminate sugar from the diet, replacing it with honey.
  5. Use black bread and crispbread.
  6. Drink 2.5-3 liters of water per day.
  7. Be sure to include dairy products in your daily diet.
  8. For dressing salads, use non-fat yogurt, sour cream, kefir.
  9. Limit the amount of salt.
  10. Minimize the consumption of convenience foods and fast food, and it is better to exclude them completely from your diet.
  11. When compiling a breakfast menu, choose dishes with carbohydrates and lean proteins, be sure to include first courses and vegetables in the lunch menu, legumes and fish are welcome for dinner.
  12. Exclude from the diet of smoked meats, fatty fried foods.
  13. During the diet, especially at its beginning, it is desirable to additionally take a complex of vitamins and macronutrients.
  14. For cooking, it is advisable to use a double boiler. Products prepared in this way retain most of the vitamins.
  15. It is not recommended to drink food.
  16. The psychological moment of the action of the diet on the body is the right choice of dishes. Choose a saucer in a color that suits you best and doesn’t increase your appetite. Neutral tones are recommended: all shades of green, blue, pastel colors.
  17. Meals should be organized. Avoid using near TV or computer.
  18. It is advisable to start the diet at the time of the year when the abundance of vegetables and fruits will allow you to diversify the menu. Ground vegetables and fruits contain more vitamins and minerals than greenhouse ones. Therefore, the best time is spring, summer and autumn. At this time of the year, you can afford to diversify the menu and at the same time reduce the cost of buying healthy ingredients.

Drink recommendations

  • During the diet, it is advisable to drink drinks without sugar.
  • It is recommended to drink herbal teas that speed up metabolism – ginger tea (not in large quantities, as it greatly increases the metabolism in the body, but at the same time increases appetite).
  • Special herbal preparations purchased at a pharmacy.
  • Soothing teas (mint, lemon balm, chamomile) mainly in the evening before bedtime.
  • Instead of freshly squeezed juices, you can drink uzvar, dried fruit compote.
  • Avoid alcohol and carbonated drinks.

During the saucer diet, the body receives all the elements it needs for normal functioning. Due to the fact that in this diet there are no restrictions on the type of products, we get carbohydrates, fiber, and protein.

Diet Results

Such a system of weight loss will not give rapid weight loss. The process of losing weight will be gradual. The approximate weight loss per week will be 2-5 percent of your weight in the first period. The number of kilograms that have gone depends on the duration of compliance with the rules of the diet. Gradual, uniform weight loss contributes to a more lasting result and does not…

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