Scarification. Fashion for a dangerous hobby

Now more and more teenagers are striving to stand out from the general gray mass, to make themselves the center of everyone’s attention. If earlier there was a fashion for piercings, tattoos, dreadlocks and afro-braids made of artificial hair of various colors, now such a type of self-decoration as scarring is gaining more and more popularity.

It is worth noting that scarring is a rather dangerous hobby, since it is done as follows: the intended pattern is first drawn on the skin, and then this pattern is cut out on the skin with a special scalpel for scarring.

The procedure is very painful, especially if done without any anesthesia and takes more than two to three hours.

The most dangerous complication of scarring is sepsis, an elementary blood poisoning. This complication manifests itself not only in those who scarred with dirty objects and in a non-sterile room, but also in those who did not follow the “decoration”, that is, did not process and did not wear a sterile dressing.

Anesthesia is a cream that reduces the strength of the pain syndrome. Previously, such a cream was used only during tattooing, but now it is widely used in the area of ​​scarring. Every specialist who deals with this business has such a cream, but if you have doubts about the availability of a cream, you can purchase it at any beauty salon where tattoos are made.

As for images, I would like to say the following: statistics show that the most common patterns are stars, wings, hieroglyphs and butterflies. More statistics show that fifty-eight percent of such a procedure falls on the fair sex, and the remaining forty-two belong to the guys. This is due to the fact that girls do not welcome tattoos, as is customary with guys. Moreover, girls are more fashion-conscious than boys, and scarring has now become almost the most common type of non-surgical improvement in their appearance.

The most common places are the shoulders, back, décolleté, chest, lower legs, and the lumbar region.

Guys usually choose the back, chest and shoulders, and girls “decorate” their lower backs, shins and décolleté.

An image of butterflies, cats and other delicate creatures is usually applied on the lower back. Various hieroglyphs and symbols from other languages ​​take their place on the shins and shoulders. On the back, wings, stars and all the same hieroglyphs usually flaunt. It is also worth noting that in ninety percent of cases, girls choose stars for the neckline as a symbol of serenity and positive.

Finally, it is worth noting that if you decide on this type of self-improvement, then you should not save and look for a master who will make scarification twice as cheap as in a beauty salon – this will not only cost you more, but may also cost you your life. Therefore, if you were told in a beauty salon that scarification would cost fifty dollars, and a master who only calls himself a master offers you the same procedure for twenty dollars, then choose a beauty salon.

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