Sea foam for beauty

Life on our planet originated in water. It must be that the memory of this is forever preserved in our genes, otherwise how can we explain that we all feel great at sea? And how wise the ancient Greeks were, who believed that the ideal of female beauty, the goddess Aphrodite, was born precisely from sea foam. Of course, but how else?

natural remedy

Since ancient times, people have noted the healing power of sea coasts. Air saturated with iodine vapor, hot sand and especially sea water have a powerful positive effect on the body. Of course, it would be ideal to spend more time on the shore, but, alas, the modern routine of life keeps us away from the sea foam. It is difficult in such conditions to compete with Aphrodite!

One of the solutions is visiting spa centers. The main “specialization” of sea water is the fight against cellulite and skin problems, as well as helping with weight loss. In addition to procedures in the pool, in the hot tub or in the shower, massages and body wraps using sea products are used. Here everything is arranged in such a way as to bring the healing power of the sea to the client in the most concentrated form. Thus, according to international standards, sea water is supposed to be taken from a certain depth and at a sufficient distance from the coast (at least 20 m). Then it is cleaned and filtered – and so it turns out to be better than the sea water in which we usually bathe. Since the water must be completely replaced every 24 hours, the spa hotel should not be located more than 1 km from the coast.

Sea water is rich in minerals in a diffuse form, that is, in an ideal form for influencing human skin. It always contains the following main elements: magnesium, zinc, sulfur, copper, sodium, potassium, iron, bromine, calcium, phosphorus and iodine.

The best is in, the unnecessary is out

However, the mechanism of interaction between water and the human body is always the same: our skin acts as a membrane through which the assimilation of dispersed minerals from sea water occurs.

Salt water also has a slight draining effect: the fact is that the chemical composition of our blood plasma is close to that of sea water, but the water has a higher concentration of mineral salts. When it comes into contact with the skin, sea water “pulls” excess water from the skin cells to equalize the salt concentration outside and inside the body – this process is called “osmosis”. Thus, excess fluid leaves the cells, while improving lymph microcirculation and blood supply in the surface layers of the skin.

The exchange of oligominerals optimizes the chemical balance in the body, improving its natural ability to resist free radicals and environmental aggressors. In addition, sea water nourishes the cells and helps to remove toxins from the body.

Since the skin is the largest human organ, and its interaction with the outside world is very intense, it is not surprising that after taking sea baths we notice a positive effect on the entire body, and not just on the skin.

Sea under the roof

Purified sea water enters the pools, and here the sacrament of healing begins. The simplest procedure is to walk knee-deep in water, and maybe move from a pool of cold water to a pool of warm water. You can do special exercises under the guidance of an instructor for 20–30 minutes: movements in a dense environment are good for muscles, and increased blood flow improves the process of penetration of minerals into skin cells.

Perhaps the most important “specialization” of sea water is the fight against cellulite and skin problems, as well as helping with weight loss. In addition to treatments in the pool, in the hot tub or shower, massages and body wraps are available. In both cases, seawater formulations and seaweeds are used. Blue algae stimulate collagen production; red – improve microcirculation in tissues; brown, rich in iodine, activates drainage processes and is therefore especially useful for cellulite.

For wrapping, mixtures of different algae with clay and sea water are used, hot, warm or cold. After application, the mixture is left on the skin, and in order to enhance its effect, a film is applied, then a towel and a warm blanket.

Sea air, which is so pleasant The simplest spa procedure is to walk knee-deep in sea water, and maybe go from a pool with cold (23 degrees) to a pool with warm (33 degrees) water, inhale on the shore, in the spa center used in the form of steam in the hammam, or as inhalations. Inhaling the heated healing air is very useful, and a procedure that lasts 30 minutes in the spa can be equated in effectiveness to a whole day on the coast.

Even sea sand is used in the spa: the smallest grains of sand are added to body scrubs, and heated sand is used as a relaxing mass that relieves stress. Its action is unique in its own way: it gently transfers its heat to the skin without burning it. In addition, hot sand is useful for arthrosis and rheumatism.

Gifts of water

Concluding the review of all the benefits that water is ready to give us, it is impossible not to mention well-known means from antiquity – these are caviar and pearls. Caviar, in which nature has concentrated nutrients for fish embryos, becomes the basis for the most effective products used in cosmetology. As a rule, we are talking about masks and creams.

In addition to the well-known black caviar, paddlefish caviar is also used. Caviar extract, rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins and microelements, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, activates collagen production.

Pearls – a kind of product of marine mollusks – are distinguished by a high concentration of minerals. In the East, pearl powder has always been highly valued as a cosmetic preparation – for example, in ancient Japan, white for the face was made on its basis. The composition of the powder is unique: it is 22 types of amino acids, 18 trace elements, vitamins B and D. It is used in cosmetology mainly in anti-aging series; the task of pearl powder is to transfer the necessary minerals to the cells and start the regeneration processes.

Modern technologies make it possible to introduce the powder into almost any beauty products, from shampoos to creams, increasing their effectiveness. Pearlescent dust is used in decorative cosmetics. In the spa or in the salon, professional products based on pearls are used: masks, wrap mixtures or scrubs.

Spending your entire holiday by the sea or enjoying all its gifts in 3 days at the spa is an alternative that would thrill Aphrodite too. It is good that this choice always remains at the disposal of mere mortals.

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