Secrets of the perfect home manicure

We present you a short guide on how to do a manicure at home on your own. In it, you will learn about all the important nuances of this beauty procedure and learn how to create flawless nail art on your own. It turns out that being beautiful is so easy!

Edged manicure


  • Remove the remnants of the previous coating.
  • Place your nails in a bath with drops of iodine and sea salt for 5 minutes.
  • When the cuticle is wet, remove it. To do this, use an orange stick or a nail file to move the cuticle and cut it with tweezers or a trimmer.
  • Lubricate the cuticle area with revitalizing oil.
  • Give your nails the desired shape with a nail file.
  • Then degrease the surface.
  • Always sterilize your instruments after trimming.

Tools after trimming manicure need to be processed every time

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! In an unedged manicure, the cuticle is not cut off, but pushed back.[/stextbox]

During an unedged manicure, the cuticle is not cut off, but is smoothly moved to the base of the nail

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Manicure Shellac

Manicure at home to yourself can be done with a durable shellac coating.

Nail polishing process

  • Make a classic unedged or hardware manicure with cuticle removal and creating the desired nail shape.
  • Polish your nails with a soft nail file.
  • Degrease the plates with a special tool or alcohol wipes.
  • Apply a transparent base and dry it for a minute in a UV lamp.
  • Apply Shellac gel polish starting from the little finger and dry in the lamp for 2 minutes.
  • Then comes the second layer. It also dries in 2 minutes.
  • The key to a lasting manicure will be a top coat, which also needs to be dried, detecting for 3 minutes already.
  • Finally, remove the sticky layer with a special liquid or lint-free wipes.

Shellac needs a UV lamp

french design

French is able to give charm to nails of any length and shape. This is a universal solution for an elegant and feminine manicure that will look appropriate in any look. French manicure is quite easy to do, but you definitely cannot do without knowing its nuances.

French manicure strips

  • Create the perfect nail shape – this is the main requirement of the jacket.
  • Cover the nails with a base, and after it dries with a base varnish.
  • If you are confident in your artistic ability, freehand draw a traditional French smile using a thin bone.
  • A faster and easier way is to use special stencils. With the help of them, you need to create a border for a smile of 2-4 mm and cover the edge with white varnish.
  • Finish the manicure with a layer of clear polish.

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Convenient strips for moon manicure

Water nail art

No other type of manicure will allow you to achieve such unique bewitching patterns on your nails. The water design looks so exquisite that you should definitely try it at least once in your life. Act step by step and carefully, and you are guaranteed an impeccable result.

The varnish, which differs from the base in color, is dropped into the water as a drop. Divorces are created with hairspray

Residues of varnish are removed with a napkin dipped in remover

Nails are covered with colorless varnish

  • The first step is to choose the desired shades of varnish for future creations. These colors should harmonize well with each other. A win-win option would be shades from the same palette, for example, blue, blue and heavenly.
  • Then drop a little of the first varnish into a glass of water and wait until it spreads over the surface.
  • Add each color one by one in the same way.
  • Using a toothpick, draw a line from the edge of the container towards the center to create an ornate pattern. Another option is chaotic divorces, invented in a flight of fancy.
  • Cover the area around the nail plates with a plaster.
  • Dip each finger into the container so that a beautiful pattern is imprinted on the nails.
  • When the coating dries, remove the plaster and complete the manicure with a fixing base.

Patterns can be created directly on the water with a toothpick

Matte design

The matte design is rightfully considered the embodiment of luxury and great taste in the world of nail art. Surprisingly, you can achieve such a beautiful result in just a couple of minutes. Remember elementary technology and be sure to practice at home!

The process of creating a matte finish with a regular varnish

  • Apply the varnish of your choice. On short and long nails, dark shades look chic in combination with a matte texture.
  • Hold your nails over a pot of boiling water until the surface is dry.
  • Steam in a matter of minutes will cope with its mission and turn an ordinary manicure into an exquisite matte one.

You can also buy gel polish with a matte effect.

Polka dot design

Nail art with a polka dot pattern looks so cute and direct that it always cheers up not only the owner, but everyone around. If you are in the mood “I want to be a little girl”, then such a manicure will be the best addition to it.

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  • First, apply a base coat and a colored base.
  • Wait for the varnish to dry.
  • After that, using a special dots, toothpicks, invisible with a ball or pen, apply contrasting dots.
  • Cool design is ready!

Creating a dots pattern


Shades to create an ombre effect can be any

Fashion trends have not discounted gradient manicure for several seasons in a row. A smooth transition from one color to another looks very impressive. Let’s tell you a secret, this ombre manicure plans to remain on the list of main trends for a long time to come. Is that a good reason to learn how to make it at home?

  • First of all, choose colors to create the perfect gradient. A universal combination is the union of white with a rich shade. Dark and light tones of the same color also look great.
  • Apply the chosen varnishes on a small piece of porous sponge in the right order. It is important that the size of the sponge roughly matches the size of the nail plate.
  • Apply the sponge with the gradient to the nail and fix the result with clear varnish.

The process of creating a manicure using the ombre technique

Stripes and stencils

It is so easy to create incredible designs based on store-bought stencils. Your ideas may be limited only by the assortment of specialty stores, and today it is very wide.

Ready-made stencils for drawing on nails

  • Paint your nails with base color polish and let it dry.
  • Stick stencils or strips of thin tape in the desired order.
  • Cover your nails with a layer of contrasting varnish.
  • When it dries, peel off the stencils.
  • You can additionally decorate the manicure with rhinestones or other decor.
  • As a fixer, use a clear varnish or a special tool.

Stencils can be made independently from strips of adhesive tape

A few more secrets of the perfect…

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