Serum – a wonderful elixir for the skin

Serum is one of the achievements of cosmetology, which was used exclusively in elite beauty salons. It remained so until recently, until serums for home use appeared.

What does she represent? This is a concentrate of active ingredients, usually fruit acids of plants and their fruits. It is good as an additional tool for daily care or as a standalone product.

So, the serum, intended for problem skin, is additionally enriched with healing minerals, natural vitamins, which enhance its effect on the skin. With prolonged use of serum for combination and oily skin, they get rid of oily sheen, the face is cleansed, brightens, acquires a matte finish.

There are many other ways to use serum: whitening normal and oily skin, getting rid of freckles, narrowing pores, strengthening nails, cosmetic baths.

The use of a skin serum is very useful if you need a quick result after aggressive exposure to the skin, such as prolonged exposure to the sun or epilation. Its concentration has the advantages of efficiency and economy, because it gives results quickly and is consumed in small quantities.

Serum for the skin has advantages over a number of other cosmetics. After its application, the skin is immediately saturated in an easily digestible form with the necessary amount of active substances. Serum delivers a “powerful blow” to the deep layers of the skin, because the serum contains special substances that make the skin more penetrating. And thus it moisturizes, tightens, optimizes and revitalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, depending on its specific purpose.

There are serums that have a local effect, they deal with the problems of certain areas of the body, for example, a serum for the skin around the eyes. Due to the fact that the skin around the eyes is very delicate and thin, these serums are subject to special requirements. They accurately calculated the composition of the active ingredients, and the pH level is slightly different from the pH of the skin.

The skin serum can be used by people of all ages and genders. Women will note that the condition of the skin, enriched with vitamins, microelements and nutrients, has improved significantly. Men with sensitive skin will quickly relieve irritation after shaving.

With the right selection and use of serum, it helps to increase skin elasticity, improve complexion, quickly relieve the feeling of dryness, and prevent harmful environmental effects.

Skin serum is a unique cosmetic product!

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