Setafil foam for washing: composition, instructions for use

Cetafil Foam Cleanser is one of the most effective skin care products for problematic skin. It moisturizes effectively. The result is an effective narrowing of the pores.

Cetafil gently eliminates all types of pollution from problem skin – sebum, small particles of dead cells, external pollution.

An important advantage of the foam for washing is the fact that it does not create irritation, does not provoke new redness. Soothes the skin of the face, it becomes soft and pleasant to the touch. No tightening and drying after taking the product does not occur.

Actual for use in the first month during the disposal of acne and blackheads.


The cosmetic product has an airy texture. White foam has a pleasant, mild smell that remains on the skin for some time. Easy to apply and spread all over the face. Hypoallergenic.

Foam for washing does not contain harmful components that can harm the delicate skin of the face.

Cetafil foam contains a number of important components:

  • dipotassium glycyrrhizate – has an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • filtered water;
  • PEG-75 – delivers moisture to the skin layers;
  • zinc sulfate – has an antiseptic property;
  • zinc gluconate – normalizes the barrier function of the skin;
  • hydrogenated castor oil – creates a special film that protects the skin, preventing it from losing moisture;
  • glyceryl cocoate – stabilizes the necessary moisture;
  • sodium benzoate – is a preservative;
  • masking fragrance;
  • disodium EDTA – a stabilizer that controls the pH of the product;
  • polyethylene glycol – helps to mix all the components.

The emulsion complex, which is the composition of the foam for washing, is designed for deep cleansing of the skin. Normalizes the correct pH – the balance of the skin. Does not harm the protective barrier. Does not cause irritation. Doesn’t dry out the skin. Performs softening and cleansing actions. Noticeably copes with rashes, fights small pimples and subcutaneous blemishes.

The presence of zinc in the structure of the product allows you to provide a sebum-regulating effect.

The absence of ethyl alcohol and soap in the composition allows you not to wash off the product with water, without causing discomfort to the skin.

The effect of the product on the skin

The components that make up the structure of a cosmetic product have a beneficial effect on some processes:

  • skin is moisturized;
  • there is a decrease in the side effects of acne therapy;
  • gentle cleansing does not harm the skin barrier;
  • provides the correct color of the skin, creates a uniform texture;
  • protects against harmful radiation.

Cetafil is not a drug. Its purpose is delicate care for facial skin that has problems in the form of acne, inflammation and acne. For an effective result, it is advisable to use the foam for washing in combination with drugs aimed at eliminating this problem. Properly composed complex treatment will help get rid of acne. Prevents the appearance of new foci of inflammation.

Indications for use

The foam is available in sealed packaging in a 236 ml bottle. The installed dispenser makes it easy to control the required amount of content. This fact helps to rationally distribute the remedy for the entire course of treatment. A couple of clicks of the dispenser is enough for a single use.

Cetafil Cleansing Foam is used daily until unwanted problems with oily skin are eliminated. Approved by dermatologists. The use of a cosmetic product is allowed for patients of any age (with the exception of small children).

The cause of problematic skin is the improper functioning of the sebaceous glands. This fact is associated with poor-quality skin care. Irrational nutrition, contaminated ecology, wrong way of life.

A large accumulation of sebaceous secretion leads to the appearance of bacteria. Reproducing, they provoke new foci of inflammatory processes. Cetafil foam cleanser fights the resulting sebum, preventing the growth of bacteria.

Instructions for use

For the effective use of Cetafil foam, it is necessary to follow a strict sequence of its application:

  1. Use the product twice a day – in the morning and in the evening (more often if necessary).
  2. Before applying the foam, you need to wash off the cosmetics.
  3. Rinse your face with cold water.
  4. Cetafil is applied to slightly damp skin.
  5. A sufficient amount of foam is squeezed out through the dispenser. Finger pads are used for convenient distribution of the product.
  6. The foam should be evenly distributed over the entire face, avoiding contact with the eyes, performing circular movements. Problem areas should be given more attention.
  7. Foam on the face should be left for no more than 1 minute.
  8. The product is removed with a sponge or washed off with hot water. Washing must begin with warm water, gradually moving to cold. Such a temperature drop has a beneficial effect on the narrowing of the pores.
  9. After the procedure, a moisturizing lotion must be applied to the face. For serious skin problems, a specialized cream is used.

Many users of Cetafil note that it is not worth rinsing off the foam with water. The action of the tool continues to “work” for some time.

Cosmetic product, for the best effect, should be used after consultation with a specialist. The appointed course will be 1 – 3 months. For a qualitative result, the foam should be used in conjunction with the entire line of the Cetafil series (cream and lotion).

It should also be noted that Cetafil foam cleanser is not an ideal make-up remover. Powder and foundation will be removed without problems, with mascara there will be difficulties. To remove evening make-up, you need to use a special milk, then apply Cetafil.

Cons, contraindications, side effects of Cetafil

Based on customer reviews using this product, 2 minuses stand out: high price. The problem with the purchase of foam. Not all pharmacies have this cosmetics in their arsenal. When buying online, you need to wait a while.

A contraindication to the use of face wash foam includes intolerance or high sensitivity to the components contained in the cosmetic product.

Cetafil has no adverse reactions.

Experts note – long-term use of this product is undesirable – you can dry out the skin of the face.

Peka for washing Cetafil has no analogues. Cosmetic products with such a rich therapeutic composition have not been developed.

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