Shampoo, paste and Sulsen oil: how to apply?

Those who once used Sulsen’s cosmetics certainly appreciated the healing effect. This cosmetics is known as a good hair care product and treatment of seborrheic dermatitis. A more optimal effect from the use of Sulsena can be achieved by using three forms of release – three links in the chain. It is not enough to buy only shampoo or paste. It is not for nothing that the manufacturer placed the inscription on the cardboard box of Sulsena: “Sulsen’s system 3 steps against dandruff.”

Causes of dandruff

At the beginning of the path to hair restoration, in particular getting rid of dandruff, you need to understand why it appears. There are a sufficient number of reasons for the occurrence of dandruff on the skin of the human head:

  • an increase in the production of a specific secret (sebum) by the sebaceous glands, which consists of fat and wax;
  • decrease in the protective functions of the skin and the reproduction of fungi Pityrosporum Ovale;
  • gradual decomposition of sebum against the background of the vital activity of fungi and the formation of toxins;
  • rapid development and death of epidermal cells;
  • exfoliation of dead cells of the epidermis – dandruff;
  • vitamin B deficiency;
  • stress;
  • poor circulation.

Some people prefer traditional medicine recipes for fighting dandruff, others prefer trendy masks from leading brands, and still others always use Sulsena.

Release form and indications for use

The main part of personal hygiene is hair care. Those who want to have gorgeous hair can use a wide range of forms for the release of the Sulsen cosmetic line. The list of main pharmaceutical forms includes:

  • Paste Sulsena 1% and 2% in a tube of 40 ml and 75 ml.
  • Sulsen oil fortified in bottles of 100 ml.
  • Shampoo Sulsena in 150 ml PET bottles.


Shampoo, oil and paste not only actively fight against oily seborrhea, but also perfectly manifest themselves as anti-hair loss remedies. Fungi that cause various skin diseases destroy the sulfur ions included in all products. So, we list the list of all indications for use:

  • damage to the sebaceous glands;
  • dermatomycosis;
  • prevention of dandruff;
  • excess sebum secretion;
  • multi-colored lichen;
  • itching of the hairline;
  • seborrhea.

Cosmetics should be stored at temperatures up to 25 degrees. The package must be tightly closed and protected from sunlight.


The main component that is part of the three products is disulfide. The sulfurous derivative of selenium, which is called sulsen, became the source of the name of the cosmetic line. Selenium disulfide has a triple action against dandruff:

  • reduces exfoliation of epidermal cells – keratolytic properties;
  • inhibits the growth of populations of microorganisms, destroying the conditions for the reproduction of fungi – fungicidal action;
  • improves the function of the sebaceous glands – cytostatic effect.

After rinsing oil or Sulsen shampoos with water, the disulfide is fixed on the scalp, preventing dandruff. Hair growth paste is also classified as a pharmaceutical product due to the sulfur it contains. Sulfur strengthens the hair follicles and prevents the destruction of each hair, which increases the length. Due to the cosmetic effect of sulfur, the hair returns shine, a healthy look, the development of brittleness and dryness stops.

Sulsena cosmetic line products are applied topically. The components penetrate the skin, affecting the follicles. They do not enter the bloodstream, which cannot cause an overdose of the drug.


Instructions, method of application and dosage of Sulsen preparations

Pasta Sulsena.

At all times, having long thick hair is very fashionable. Many have had to deal with the problem of hair loss and slow hair growth. Sulsena paste will help restore hair.

The two variations of this form differ from each other. Sulsena forte or 2% paste is used as a treatment, and 1% paste is a prophylactic.

Wash your hair with regular shampoo and rinse with warm water. Paying attention to the roots, apply the cream, evenly distributing it. After application, wait 5 to 20 minutes for the product to fix on the skin. After, rinse your hair thoroughly so that it does not stick together.

The recommended regimen is 1 time per week for 1-2 months. To avoid recurrence of dandruff, 1% paste is used once a month.

Shampoo Sulsena.

For healthy hair, this shampoo will be the right and economical choice. It perfectly prepares the hair for the application of the paste. A pleasant shampooing procedure, thanks to the neutral pH of the product, prevents the appearance of dandruff.

Before using Sulsena shampoo, you do not need to use other shampoos. You just need to apply a small amount of Sulsena to wet hair, lather and rub into the scalp with massage movements. To fix the therapeutic components, the procedure is best done for 3-4 minutes. After that, rinse the roots and the entire length of the hair with warm water. To achieve the therapeutic effect as soon as possible, the procedure is recommended to be repeated immediately. A visible result is achieved after a week from the start of use: less sebum is produced, hair shines without dandruff.

Vitaminized Sulsen oil.

The effect of the drug is enhanced if you wash your hair with very warm water before use, to maximize the opening of the pores. Before applying the oil must be heated in a water bath. Then, rub it, gently massaging, into the partings and roots of the hair. It is not recommended to apply oil on the hair itself. Next, it is important to put on a plastic cap prepared in advance and tie it on top with a terry towel. Withstand a compress with oil for one and a half to two hours. When the time comes to an end, the hair should be washed with running water and shampoo.


Despite the positive feedback from those who used the Sulsen line, the drugs have contraindications. Here is a short list of them:

  • hypersensitivity to components;
  • pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding.

It must be remembered that when washing off any of Sulsen’s preparations, the ingress of foam or water washed off the hair is contraindicated.


Cons of the Sulsen series

Almost all drugs have disadvantages. Sulsen is no exception. The disadvantages of the funds are:

  • specific smell;
  • prolonged rinsing of the paste from the hair.

As they say, beauty requires sacrifice. Sulsena’s cons can be endured for the sake of a chic head of hair. Moreover, the effect of its use is long-term.

Special Instructions

Sulsena is for external use only. If the product has entered the body, it is necessary to apply …

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