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Shatush is a fashionable hair coloring technique.

It happens that you unbearably want to update the color of your hair, but there is no desire to repaint the whole thing. On such days, shatush hair coloring comes to the rescue. This is another technique for creating smooth and beautiful transitions instead of the old and same type of highlighting!

Shatush hair coloring (50 photos) - what is it, execution technique

What is a shatush?

Shatush is visually indistinguishable from burnt strands, so it is traditionally made for the summer. The shade is selected in such a way that it looks organic and natural. Usually it differs from the native one or more tones.

The transition is very smooth and easy. In the shatush technique, individual strands, tips are dyed or highlights are made.

By the way, this is a good method to hide gray hair or correct minor flaws in the previous painting. Of the other advantages: shatush does not need to be tinted often.

Shatush hair coloring (50 photos) - what is it, execution technique

Coloring hair of different lengths

Shatush is made to any length, because, in fact, it is just lightening individual strands. Let’s take a look at what happens!

Shatush for short hair

Bob, pixie, gavroche and any other short haircuts only benefit from such coloring. The fact is that a smooth color transition always gives the hairstyle visual lightness and volume. This is especially helpful for girls with smooth and straight hair.

Shatush for medium hair

Shatush with cascading haircuts is the most harmonious combination of summer. On straight hair, he is also very good, but the skill of the stylist is much more important here. On smooth hair, all the flaws of the transitions are more visible.

Shatush for long hair

It is often a pity and scary to dye long hair – what if it gets spoiled. With such a gentle technique, this is definitely excluded, so you can easily change the image!

Hair coloring

Unlike ombre or balayage, shatush does not involve bright colors and contrasting transitions. It doesn’t even need hard lightening, and it’s a safe enough solution for both blondes and brunettes.

Shatush for dark hair

After a slight lightening, the strands seem to sparkle in the sun. The result looks especially good if you wind delicate, but messy curls.

Shatush for blonde hair

Homogeneous blond has long been out of fashion, and more often than not, it looks fresh. Blondes after dyeing look like they just returned from a vacation on island beaches!

Shatush on blond hair

If your native blond seems uninteresting to you, then shatush is the maximum change without effort. We recommend it to girls who prefer naturalness and do not plan to radically change their color or paint in bright shades.

Shatush for red hair

Light clarification turns red strands into flames. If it seems to you that it’s even brighter, then we know the answer for sure.

How to make shatush at home

First you need to divide the hair into strands and comb each separately at the roots. These will be the areas where the dye should not fall at all.

The brightener is applied with a brush in short strokes along the entire length. If you only need the ends – it’s even easier!

Unlike balayazh, foil is not needed. Her task is to enhance the effect of the remedy, but this is useless for the shatush. Shatush – first of all, about naturalness.

After washing off the clarifier, it is better to tint the strands – this helps to restore the hair structure with the washed pigment. Then just wash your hair and apply a moisturizing or nourishing mask.

Shatush hair coloring (50 photos) - what is it, execution technique

Shatush coloring – photos and ideas

Like any other complex staining technique, shatush always turns out to be different. So watch and be inspired by how good and beautiful it looks in real life.

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