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Do you want to look as bright and irresistible as possible? Then you should take a closer look at the stylish Wolf haircut. It will be the perfect solution for young and daring fashionistas who are not afraid to show their individuality. Read about the features of this hairstyle in our review.


What does a she-wolf haircut look like?

The stylish hairstyle was very popular in the 80s, a time when rock culture was flourishing, and many celebrities preferred to create such a haircut. The front and rear views in this styling are distinguished by the most accentuated negligence. This effect was given intentionally, for which the strands were specially cut uneven in length.

Today, the hairstyle has not undergone almost any changes. It is often compared with another popular haircut “Cascade”, however, a significant difference is that there is no need for styling, which is unacceptable when creating a “Cascade”.

It is worth considering that the Wolf haircut is suitable for creating certain images. It will harmoniously complement the casual look, which is made up with the help of appropriate wardrobe items: ripped jeans, a variety of T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, biker jackets, jeans or bombers. The selection of things is carried out with a deviation from the established norms and rules, an informal, extraordinary and even extravagant style is welcome.

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Who is the she-wolf haircut suitable for?

The original and charismatic hairstyle is justifiably recognized as universal, as it suits almost any type of face and appearance. A review of the photos showing the Wolf haircut will help you get an idea of ​​how effective this hairstyle is. However, in some cases it is recommended to pay special attention to it.

This hairstyle will be an indispensable option for girls with thin hair in its structure. With the help of the layering effect that is created for this haircut, it is visually given more volume.

When creating a hairstyle in this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the original technique, in which the strands are cut in layers, starting from the shorter ones at the crown and lengthening towards the bottom.

Interesting styling option

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Important! Thinning is recommended to be made light, barely noticeable, since highly profiled strands look visually thinner, which is unacceptable with a very thin hair structure.


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Owners of thick chic hair will also look very organic with this hairstyle. Strands cut at a special angle become flexible and lie down in spectacular waves.

This hairstyle option will also be appreciated by those girls who want to look bright and attract everyone’s attention. Compared to the “Cascade”, the “Wolf” haircut looks more advantageous and catchy, with its help you can create a very memorable image. This can be seen if you study the photos presented in our review.

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The only case when it is worth refraining from such a hairstyle option is the mature age of the lady. The haircut suggests a certain carelessness, which in no way fits into a solid and elegant image.


The benefits of a she-wolf haircut

The hairstyle has gained well-deserved popularity among the fair sex. It looks great on short, medium, long hair. In addition to the fact that the haircut is universal and suitable for any type of girl’s appearance, she has the following distinctive characteristics:

  • Ease of installation. Hairstyle will be the perfect solution for those women who do not have enough time for hair styling. It is enough just to run a comb over the strands, and they will acquire a truly luxurious look.

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However, in order for the haircut to look good, it is necessary to pay due attention to its shape and do not forget to visit the stylist once a month to cut off the regrown tips.


  • Ability to create different hairstyles. Haircut “Wolf” is good because it can be used to make both ordinary everyday and romantic or evening bows. In the first case, it does not require any styling, and in the second, you can show your imagination and curl your hair inside, creating luxurious curls. This option is more suitable for owners of medium or long hair, but you can also experiment on short strands. At will, the hairstyle can be created both with bangs and without it.

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Haircut “Wolf” on hair of different lengths

The demand for such a hairstyle is also explained by the fact that it can be created on strands of absolutely any length. In any case, it will look stylish and fashionable, attract admiring glances. Let’s look at the features of the haircut in each case:

  • Haircut “Wolf” for short hair. Due to the ragged effect that is present on the strands, the hairstyle has the maximum resemblance to another variety, known as the pixie. It is ideal for making bold and daring youth bows. The asymmetrical version looks very interesting, when the hair is shorter on one side and slightly longer on the other. Asymmetry is especially relevant in 2019.

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Haircut can be done on straight or slightly curly strands, owners of very curly hair is better to refrain from this option.


  • Haircut “Wolf” for medium hair. This hairstyle is considered a classic. This is the length preferred by the rock stars of the 80s. Due to the short-cropped crown and lengthening lower strands, at first glance it is not entirely clear to which category such a hairstyle can be attributed – to shortened or elongated options. You can be sure of this if you look at the photos that show the She-Wolf haircut for medium hair.

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Owners of a round face, if desired, will be able to complement the hairstyle with oblique torn bangs, and girls with an oval or thin face are advised to give preference to an even version.


  • She-wolf haircut for long hair. The presence of elongated strands allows you to fully embody the most daring fantasies. Cut strands can have a different length drop, which allows them to look neater or as sloppy as possible. Optionally, you can create an asymmetrical haircut. Owners of long hair will be able to style their hair in a variety of ways. To create images for every day, just whip your hair with your hands. If you have to go out, the strands can be curled inward or outward. In the first case, the image will come out more tender and romantic, and in the second – more daring.

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