Shellac: fashion design for the summer of 2019

Shellac is just a godsend for modern fashionistas in 2019, as it makes it possible to quickly and efficiently create a summer colorful design on nails, similar to the photo in glossy magazines. In addition, such a coating is quite resistant, so the finished manicure will last at least two weeks, which is especially important given the current rhythm of life.

Therefore, we suggest that you take a closer look at this tool, the main characteristics of which are given in our article.


What is shellac and how is it made?

Shellac today is a completely new tool in the segment of nail design. It is considered a kind of hybrid, since shellac includes both the features of a gel and a regular nail polish. However, unlike the first, shellac is applied to the surface of the nail plate much faster, and from the second – with its durability.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Shellac allows you to give a fashionable design not only to the nails on the hands, but also on the legs. Pedicure in this case will last at least a month.[/stextbox]

Step by step shellac coating process

As for the application algorithm itself, it consists of the following steps:

  1. Preparation of the nail plate. At this stage, the cuticle is processed and the nail is given the desired shape.
  2. Grinding. It is made using a special milling cutter or coarse-grained nail file. This is necessary in order to raise the villi on the nails, which will enhance the adhesion with shellac.
  3. Disinfection. Due to the presence of a fatty layer on the surface of the nail and a variety of fungi, this stage is simply necessary, as it allows you to increase the quality of the wear of the product and disinfect the nail.
  4. Base application. It is a special tool that enhances the adhesion of shellac to the surface of the marigold. It should be applied in one thin layer. Next, you should fix everything in a UV lamp.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! It is very important to seal the ends both when applying the shellac itself and the base, since the durability of the future manicure will depend on this.[/stextbox]

Bright butterflies

  1. Shellac application. This should be done carefully and in a thin layer. The total number of layers may vary depending on the color and quality of the coating itself. Drying in a UV lamp is required between each coat.
  2. Top coat application. It is applied in the same way as the base in one layer, after which it is dried in a UV lamp.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! The above algorithm for applying shellac is suitable for creating a manicure, both on long and short nails. In more detail the process itself and examples of finished works can be seen in the photo below.[/stextbox]

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Intense yellow

Pros and cons of shellac

Shellac, like other decorative products, has its advantages and, of course, disadvantages. The advantages of this coating include the following properties:

  • Persistence. As mentioned earlier, shellac stays on nails for at least two weeks without chipping. It is not affected by household chemicals and constant contact with water.
  • Saturated tone. In relation to ordinary varnish, shellac is a thick coating with pronounced pigmentation, so the colors on the nails look much brighter and more colorful.
  • The ability to grow long nails. Shellac allows you to make not only a bright summer manicure that meets the fashion trends of 2019, but also grow long nails, especially for owners of soft and brittle plates.
  • Safe for health. The composition of shellac completely lacks various formaldehydes and other substances that can cause significant damage to health. That is why shellac is allowed for use by women in position.
  • The ability to carry out the application and removal procedure at home. Despite the difficulty that seems at the beginning, if you get used to it, applying shellac can turn into exciting fun. As for the removal, there is a special liquid sold in salons and professional stores that will remove the old coating without much effort.

Spectacular design for an evening out

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Giving your preference to shellac, it is important to consider its disadvantages:

  • High price. Since shellac is today a fashionable novelty in the field of manicure, the cost of such a coating is much higher than ordinary varnish.
  • Permanent correction. Given the fact that the nails grow, a manicure with shellac, like a gel one, needs constant correction.
  • risk of fungus. The weak “point” of shellac is high temperature. Therefore, when the nail plate heats up, it expands, and then returns to normal again. It is at this point that there is a risk of catching an infection.
  • Not suitable for all nails. Although shellac today is at the top of fashion trends in manicure art, it does not hold on to weak and soft nails as steadfastly as on strong ones.

Tropical motifs

Shellac – nail design

In 2019, fashionistas are offered a diverse selection of all kinds of summer nail designs that can be done using shellac. The most relevant are the following:

  • Monochromatic finish. Thanks to the large color palette, you can make a simple, but spectacular manicure. Today, pastel colors are in fashion, especially sand, lavender and mint, as well as rich burgundy and berry.

Nude with rhinestones

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! You can diversify a monochromatic manicure by highlighting 1-2 nails, painting them in a completely different color. We have given the original examples of such combinations below in the photo.[/stextbox]

  • Matte. It is a hit of the summer season, and thanks to the bright color palette, it allows you to create a juicy and rich manicure.

Appetizing ice cream

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! The matte design itself looks rich, so it is not recommended to oversaturate it with drawings and other decor.[/stextbox].

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  • French. Despite the fact that this is a classic, manicure masters decided to move away from the usual stereotypes and use not only basic white, but also other color palettes.

creative french

  • Lunar. Although this summer this technique cannot be called a novelty, nevertheless, today there are many nail design ideas that impress with their originality and richness. It can be all kinds of color combinations, the presence of artistic painting and playing with textures.

Lunar manicure with kamifubuki

  • Drawings. Without them this season is nowhere. Today, both standard floral paintings and all kinds of geometric ornaments are in fashion. Bright personalities in the summer can experiment with ethnic patterns, drawings in the form of insects and, of course, fruits.

Fashion drawings with flamingos

Shellac, although it has its drawbacks, still allows you to create an original and durable manicure, while saving your time and money on a weekly visit to the salon. Except…

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