Shellac manicure for short nails 2020

Our photo selection contains the most relevant shellac manicure ideas for short nails of the 2020 season. Get inspired by stylish finds and choose the perfect option for your taste!



The shellac finish is perfect for short lengths. It combines all the advantages of gel and varnish. Among the main arguments for such a manicure is durability, safety and an impeccably smooth glossy finish. In addition to the fact that fashionistas are ready to offer a variety of options for such a design, the masters will be responsible for strengthening the nails.

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Current palette

An ideal trend for modest women and fans of minimalism is shellac coating in a single color. The choice will not upset you with monotony, because more than 250 shades are available in this technique for the most demanding taste.

A key position in the world of trends 2020 has taken a monochromatic design with different colors in the lead role. Such an elementary manicure can be realized even at home, and it will look fresh and stylish.

In the 2020 season, the laurels of the championship will receive the classic blue color and all the variety of tones of this range. Shellac design with a milky, beige and pink base is also in fashion – these colors allow you to create the most elegant and feminine manicure. If we talk about more saturated representatives of the fashion palette, then emerald, yellow, red, orange, purple and black tones come to the fore.

nude design

If you liked the news that nude nail polishes are at the peak of popularity in 2020, then you will definitely want to get acquainted with the current designs based on this basis. The nude palette (namely, flesh, peach, soft pink, milky, light pink and beige shades) is ideal in combination with rhinestones, floral patterns and contrasting inscriptions.

This design can be safely complemented with a metallic ribbon, glitter or shiny stickers. This choice will be justified by current fashion trends that support sparkling accents in nail art. But one important nuance should be taken into account – on a short length, shiny jewelry should be used in a metered amount so as not to overload the final design.

red splendor

Many girls are afraid to use bright varnish for a short length, as they believe that this design will turn out to be pretentious. But there is one great exception to this rule – this is a magnificent red varnish. Let’s clarify that wine, burgundy, satin, cold and warm shades of scarlet are also in trend.

Shellac with such a base is considered a win-win option for evening events. But if you rely on minimalism in design or choose a more modest dark shade, it is easy to adjust the design to everyday looks – this way it will become a stylish accent.

The most fashionable manicure options for the 2020 season involve a combination of a scarlet base with stickers, ribbons, rhinestones, a cobweb pattern, geometric or abstract patterns.

Winning combinations with red lacquer in the base are obtained in a duet with black, gold or silver accents.

Another trendy idea is the company’s monochromatic red coating with heart-shaped kamifubuki. According to this principle, a simple, but at the same time incredibly romantic design is obtained.


In the 2020 season, shellac for short nails with drawings is incredibly in demand. All records in popularity were broken by animalistic motifs. It can be patterns for a leopard, tiger or zebra. But you should not cover all the nails with a print – a tandem of laconic inserts with a plain varnish looks much more advantageous.

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Abstraction style is another find for fashionistas in the 2020 season who appreciate unusual and unique nail designs. There are practically no boundaries in the performance of such nail art, because only the final result is important, which you often want to compare with a real work of art. To create the desired effect, you can use different colors, techniques, decor and their combinations – this is the case when the end justifies the means.


This year, geometric patterns on nails are considered especially fashionable. They look stylish both in a contrasting and in a light palette. To facilitate the creation of such compositions, many professionals use adhesive tape. With the natural length of the nails, it is better to stick to vertical lines in geometric patterns.


The novelties of shellac design in the 2020 season offer manicures for short nails with floral motifs, which are especially in demand in spring. Various flowers, twigs and buds look so elegant and touching that they perfectly emphasize the femininity and excellent taste of the owner.


Contrary to popular belief, the gradient effect can reveal all its beauty not only on long nails, but also on natural length. Even when using a shellac coating, masters prefer to use the traditional technique of applying an ombre pattern with a sponge. Excess varnish is still removed with a special liquid, but always before the stage of drying the nails in the lamp.

As practice shows, combinations of light colors with minimal contrast look most expressive and elegant on a short length. A win-win tandem is a combination of nude and white varnish. It is also important to stick to the vertical direction of the gradient, which visually stretches the length of the nails.

Gradient technique can be successfully placed on only one nail and combined with a monophonic coating.

The ombre effect, created on the basis of rich and deep shades, with the addition of luxurious rhinestones, is the perfect solution for a special occasion.


In the 2020 season, decorating a shellac manicure with glittery accents is always a good idea. If you follow the current work, one trend can be clearly identified – sparkling elements are now used with a greater sense of proportion. This allows you to create a discreet, sophisticated and aesthetic design.


The classic French manicure has received a second wind in recent seasons. More and more women of fashion are abandoning the traditional version of the French design, and perform a smile of color or brilliant. Among the trends there is also a change in the shape of a smile and the addition of a jacket with various decor – a flexible “cobweb”, drawings in a floral theme and sparkling accents.

[stextbox id=’warning’]If you prefer the classic version of the jacket, then you will also fall into trends, because this is a classic for all time.[/stextbox]


If we talk about the trendy decor of the 2020 season, then foil deserves to be mentioned at the top of the list. Modern masters use it not only when modeling designs with gel, but also with shellac. The combination of metallized foil with a nude base has become the most relevant. For a brighter design, you can use colored decorations.

The simplest yet…

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